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Okay, so first thing I noticed is the constant changing of the camera angle. I had to watch the video a few times to fully catch a couple things. I follow frets much easier than tones when focusing on what is being played so the constant changing angle threw me for a loop. 

As for the music itself... the riff was definitely catchy. For me the main issue to address is that the main riff repeats far too many times. As the bare bones structure of a song it works, but there is nothing to differentiate where the intro ends and the verse begins. Throughout there is no variation to the riff at all, and it controls the entire song. The bridge was nicely done, popping out of a minor scale for a moment before going right back to it. 

It's not badly written, but it needs more variation in the structure. It sounds like it was written with intent of vocals, but there's still no change in the percussion to differentiate intro from verse, or to change the feel at any point during the verse. The bass also just kind of tags along with the guitar, sounding more like the low end of the instrument rather than adding anything of its own. Without the variation it ends up, while catchy, sounding like a generic mid paced thrashy riff that just kind of goes nowhere. 

Definitely keep working on it and building it up because the hook is catchy and works, it just needs to take on more depth and maybe one or two other riffs to give it more of a verse/chorus feel to make it sound more complete.

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