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I know - it's not quite a video game remix.

But I'm trying a lot of things with guitar sounds for my videogame remixes in these days. So, I decided to create an instrumental composition for a famous TV series opening from the 80s to use my new self-made raw (slightly distorted) clean electric guitar presets.
Further information you can find in the description of the upload for Youtube.

Maybe you can give me some feedback how you like the guitar sound, the new drums, the piano stuff as well the rest of the remixed soundtrack.

Original soundtrack:


Newest version of my remix: 1.1

>>> https://clyp.it/vht55ihs

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For the ambition to keep my content unmonetarized and ad-free I've deleted my former Baywatch remix with the video scenes and reuploaded it with a simple slideshow created with pictures of the Baywatch series from the 90s. I hope you enjoy it, too.

I've already changed the links for the newest youtube upload in the comments before.

But it's still really annoying to see that some of those copyright owners/companies try to make money out of every content (that's not even fully theirs) and bomb some passionate content with their soulless ad stuff.
If you as a Youtuber had at least a choice which commercials you allow on your video it wouldn't be a big problem for me to accept commercials for the few companies that really push something forward for humankind and a better, more livable future - such as organic food producers, passionate bike stores, developers of sustainable and creative technology, social housing associations and good social projects.

But to be the advertising pillar of large profit-over-life corporations can't be the way of a youtuber that wants to create some soulful content.

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