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    Heya, this is Master Mi. ))

    I'm an ongoing video game remixer who totally likes soundtracks and remixes which have been created with passion, spirit and some nice tunes.
    No matter if these are rad rocking beats or rather calm, emotional tracks - I like various genres, depending on my mood and temper.

    Of course I'm a big fan of video games 'cause they remind me a lot of my awesome and really unforgotten childhood time.
    Just this feeling - to see the world with the eyes of your inner child, with this great intensity, excitement, life force and especially to really feel this way - is a special gift that inspires me within my whole life.
    It's also a good basis for creating a soundtrack or remix.

    My DAW: Samplitude Pro X4 Suite

    If ya wanna listen to some tracks and remixes I'm currently working on check out this:

    >>> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCNS57FJLBKQJtHqKkwFNWeUMibvyHd1

    >>> https://clyp.it/user/gixz1fbr

    Beside composition, music production and video games I'm also interested in many other things, such as:

    - martial arts

    - philosophy

    - nature

    - healthy lifestyles, natural diets and longevity
    (I'm eating raw since 2008 and a raw pescetarian diet is my health care - no doctors, no medication, no processed food, no sickness. Just raw, natural and species-appropriate food. This lifestyle totally rocks!)

    - literature and movies/animes

    - planting trees (such as free fruit trees for everybody), permaculture, freestyle urban gardening & landscaping and bringing back some life to my hometown
    I also try to take part in ecological, self-sufficient, sustainable and political actions together with some nice girls 'n' dudes from this town to make some changes.

    Just keep in mind...

    Even in a tough world like this, always be yourself, choose and explore the path of your soul and your true self.
    Follow your inner light and the higher aspirations that come from deep inside you.
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    landscape gardener
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    CloudOnFire85 (<<<(R.R)>>>)

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    Independence Pro Premium Suite, Revolta² & DN-e1 synthesizers, Magix Vita instruments, Vandal: Virtual bass and guitar amplifier, Titan 2, Era II: Vocal Codex, Shevannai: The Voice Of Elves
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
    Drum Programming
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    Synthesis & Sound Design

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  1. I just have read that this VSTi is "available for free until January 31st". But I'm not quite sure what this exactly means and if it remains free stuff for everybody who got Yangqin within this time limit - so, also for the time after January 31st for everybody who got this VSTi in the time before. Or if it's rather free use until January 31st - and after this time, everybody has to buy it (no matter if he/she got this VSTi in the time limit or not) if he/she wants to use Yangqin any longer. Maybe somebody knows which variant is correct or maybe somebody h
  2. Good news for all fans of tradional Far Eastern (virtual) instruments. )) Since I've bought my first VSTi from Native Instruments some weeks ago (a very good electric guitar VSTi called Electric Sunburst Deluxe - will definitely write a little feedback about this one in the topic I've already started some time ago) and I was pretty satisfied with this great stuff, I read their newsletter much more carefully. And just a few weeks after, they pulled another big one out of their deep waters - a Chinese hammered dulcimer VSTi called "Yangqin". And it's completely free - with a size of
  3. Pretty close to the original tracks - but nice chiptune tracks with a decent amount of swing. )) Cool stuff for which I'd radically take the Bananas outta my ears.
  4. Never really heard from the Evolution Strawberry electric guitar VSTi by Orange Tree Samples before (at least I can't remember). But to tell straight from the sound of the samples, this one seems to be also pretty great stuff - in my opinion, it leaves the other two electric guitar VSTis in the video completely behind.
  5. I guess, many people (including me some days before) haven't noticed this VSTi since it's kinda new on the market (march 2020, I think). ... The newer Shreddage versions are definitely some of the better electric guitar VSTis with which you can create some pretty realistic guitar sounds with lots of articulations, effects and many tuning options/settings. But for me, one of the most important thing is the raw sample quality of the sound (the recorded samples without any further effects) with which you can evaluate the realism of the VSTi in a much better way. Delay and reverb
  6. Although I'm planning to buy a real electric guitar in the near future (I guess it will be one of those really lovely Yamaha Pacifica models), I think it has to wait some more time 'cause I don't want to buy any new hardware stuff until my forthcoming relocation (in around a year or so) has been successfully done (just to avoid breaking new stuff at the transport - I'm pretty sure I will carry my previous studio equipment on my very own and won't let anybody lay a finger on my gear :DD). But in the meantime, I'm still looking for a very good electric guitar VSTi that provides a very reali
  7. Just had to smile some time ago, when some members of the public broadcasting section in my country were making a pretty nice cover of the Big Blue theme from F-Zero. Never knew those guys could be such dedicated nerds grown up with decent SNES stuff. I guess videogames and videogame soundtracks have become really popular throughout larger parts of the society.
  8. I use and really love the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro (Black Edition) - which are some of the flattest (neutral sound/linear frequency response) high-end studio headphones which sound reproduction is very analytic and rich in detail. With them you also hear pretty well when you overdo reverb just a little bit or if the staging/room information (stereo and depth) is or is not correct/good. They can also reproduce a large frequency range from 5 to 35000 Hz - which is more than enough, even for those listeners with the best ears/sense of hearing. https://www.thomann.de/gb/beyerdynamic_dt_
  9. Yeah, thanks for the answer. )) Maybe it's really just a modulated synth made with the creative art of sound design for making a sound from another world, but which is also close to the imagination of our real world. Some of my first thoughts were that it could be a synth which represents some kind of a special percussion instrument or something like that.
  10. major clinical depression - potentially reversible insomnia - potentially reversible dad has cancer - potentially reversible divorce - could be painful, but also the best luck ever dead kid - obviously not reversible and maybe the only thing I would be truly sad about for a longer time I don't know if these are the true reasons behind your depression (since there seem to be a lot of people out there who are deeply depressed without recognizeable reasons from the world around them) - or if your depression lasts much longer than those incisions in your life. A really great impa
  11. Sorry for the late response - totally forgot about this topic. Your mixings with the Neumann KH 120 sound indeed radically clean and tight - good job with the compositions as well (especially like the Saga Progressive track)! I guess that 's why I've put the Neumann KH 120 in my top 7 list of good bigger studio monitors. I've listened to your tracks with two devices: 1) my headphone solution (primary device for mixing) >>> Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro (Black Edition) + Lake People G109-P headphone amp 2) my momentary studio monitor solution (secondary control device for
  12. I'm coming from East Germany. And at the moment, this articial Corona hype as a much more blown up successor than the avian and swine flu doesn't affect my life too much. I'm pretty glad I got the chance to downshift at my work as a landscape gardener this year right into my desired 30 hours weeks (4 full days working, 3 days weekend). My line of work got no special restrictions. So, I usually work from 7 a.m. to 15 (or 16) p.m - every day in the nature. After this - if the sun shines - I often take a full body sun bath & nap at my balcony (always one the best parts of t
  13. I'm kinda the aficionado and slow player who tends to enjoy the atmosphere a little longer. So I'm still hanging around at around chapter 4 with my real "exploration save file" where I also listen to all the NPCs and their little stories they tell or at which I try to impress Jessie with my rad motorbike driving 'n' highway fighting skills (I guess it 's also some kind of an achievement) and put Wedge on the second place at the dart mini game... ...but couldn't wait to get a bit more into the further story line with another save file where I have been arrived at Sector 5. And alrea
  14. Really awesome first part of the remake for Final Fantasy 7!!! I was playing the first hours of the highly anticipated remake of the game yesterday together with two of my best friends - and I was really diggin' the new battle system, was totally blown away by the pretty much enhanced storyline and the really great atmosphere - couln't even leave out the casual conversations of the many NPCs in the lively Midgar and of course I've examined the detailed areas for hidden objects (already found a kinda hidden key item like a Moogle Medal in the first reactor mission - can get it if ya don't
  15. I've tested a few bigger and smaller studio monitors in a store (or/and at my home) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some time ago, I had the chance and the time to check out a few bigger and smaller studio monitors in a music store (or/and at my home) for many hours and noted my impressions and results of the tested models afterwards. Maybe it could help some of the newbies or all those who are still looking for some pretty good and affordable studio monitors. ... The studio monitor models I've teste
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