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    Heya, this is Master Mi. ))

    I'm an ongoing video game remixer who totally likes soundtracks and remixes which have been created with passion, spirit and some nice tunes.
    No matter if these are rad rocking beats or rather calm, emotional tracks - I like various genres, depending on my mood and temper.

    Of course I'm a big fan of video games 'cause they remind me a lot of my awesome and really unforgotten childhood time.
    Just this feeling - to see the world with the eyes of your inner child, with this great intensity, excitement, life force and especially to really feel this way - is a special gift that inspires me within my whole life.
    It's also a good basis for creating a soundtrack or remix.

    My DAW: Samplitude Pro X4 Suite

    If ya wanna listen to some tracks and remixes I'm currently working on check out this:

    >>> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCNS57FJLBKQJtHqKkwFNWeUMibvyHd1

    >>> https://clyp.it/user/gixz1fbr

    Beside composition, music production and video games I'm also interested in many other things, such as:

    - martial arts

    - philosophy

    - nature

    - healthy lifestyles, natural diets and longevity
    (I'm eating raw since 2008 and a raw pescetarian diet is my health care - no doctors, no medication, no processed food, no sickness. Just raw, natural and species-appropriate food. This lifestyle totally rocks!)

    - literature and movies/animes

    - planting trees (such as free fruit trees for everybody), permaculture, freestyle urban gardening & landscaping and bringing back some life to my hometown
    I also try to take part in ecological, self-sufficient, sustainable and political actions together with some nice girls 'n' dudes from this town to make some changes.

    Just keep in mind...

    Even in a tough world like this, always be yourself, choose and explore the path of your soul and your true self.
    Follow your inner light and the higher aspirations that come from deep inside you.
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    landscape gardener
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    CloudOnFire85 (<<<(R.R)>>>)

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    Independence Pro Premium Suite, Revolta² & DN-e1 synthesizers, Magix Vita instruments, Vandal: Virtual bass and guitar amplifier, Titan 2, Era II: Vocal Codex, Shevannai: The Voice Of Elves, Native Instruments
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    Drum Programming
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    Synthesis & Sound Design

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  1. I've checked out some of the electric guitar VSTis of Orange Tree Samples some time ago - and they're are indeed really good. Especially the Evolution Infinity rocks hard with this pretty cool feature of whammy bar techniques like squeals (not quite sure if the player performs these squeals only via pitch wheel control or if there's a separate key switch or other function for this feature). Shreddage 3 also looks like pretty solid stuff. Maybe the sample quality is still a little bit below the Electric Sunburst Deluxe/Electric Vintage and the OTS electric guitar VSTis. But the masses of functions, playing techniques and the large number of editing features of the Shreddage 3 guitars are really astonishing - definitely one of the biggest variety of features I've ever seen at electric guitar VSTis. ... I still don't like the fact that most of these electric guitar VSTis depend on Kontakt (instead of other pretty cool samle players like the Engine sample player which supports even more functions and the newest version of the player often comes around with the bought VSTis which have been created for the Engine sample player - so, you don't have to buy the latest version of your sample player if you have already bought a new VSTi which works with this sample player). And with the free Kontakt Player version, you won't have the full set of features for the VSTis. In relation to the electric guitar VSTis which were created for Kontakt, it means that you might not be able to set the pitch range for making stronger guitar squeals when using just the free Kontakt Player as a sample player, for example.
  2. Yep, I think it's definitely one of the best and most sophisticated electric guitar VSTis out there at the moment. Besides... Some time ago, the developers of Native Instruments have also sampled another electric guitar from the late 50s with some nice vintage vibes. It's called "Electric Vintage": It has a similar interface and similar functions 'n' articulations like the Electric Sunburst Deluxe guitar.
  3. I just wanted to give a final feedback how the things with the content ID claims turned out on Youtube. ... And it was pretty easy-going. A few days after raising an objecting against the party who wanted to monetarize my content, I got back the full rights for my video. ... As I remember, I gave the following reasons at the raising of my objecting against the content ID claims. I think I wrote that I had never used any parts of the original soundtrack in my video and that I've recomposed my remix completely with the MIDI editor of my DAW - a remix which also contains lots of new composition elements compared to the original soundtrack. ... The second thing I remember I've written was something like the intention to keep my compositions and remixes far away from any kind of monetarization (because of the really annoying adds/commercials which will come with the monetarization of videos) to support the original creator spirit of Youtube and to keep my content freely available without any restrictions for everybody on Youtube. And yep, it seemed to work. )) For everybody who has not listened to my remix and seen the video yet, you can watch it here: >>> If you want to compare my remix to the original soundtrack (just for the case you want to get an own impression if the content ID claim was justified or not), you can listen to the original soundtrack here: >>>
  4. Here is the youngest trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: I really love the Dirge of Cerberus vibes and the Wutai rebellion background in there. The new PS5 game seems to contain also the pretty famous Fort Condor battle mini-game from the original Final Fantasy 7.
  5. I'm sure there will be some kind of an FF7 Remake Ultimate Complete Collection for PS7 or so (would be iconic --->> FF7 Remake - 7 Blu-ray discs full of content - after 7 years of development - kept as a company-internal secret for further 7 years - finally announced for PS 7 ;D). But they seem to work on several FF7 spin-offs these days - unfortunately announced for mobile devicesin many cases. This one here called "Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier" doesn't seem to be received that well. But in my opinion the story behind the beginning of the Shinra empire has great potential and I really want to hear this story. The gameplay reminds me a lot of "Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7" - which is still a pretty interesting FF7 spin-off in my opinion.
  6. Awesome remix with a really catchy tune and a pretty good message. )) Was the submission successful? OC Remix could definitely need some more of this kind of tracks.
  7. After drawing back from making music for some time with the purpose of developing a new mixing style and getting used to my new professional Yamaha MSP 3 studio monitors (which might be some of the most accurate and truthful studio monitors in the world and really tough precision tools definitely made for mixing and sound engineering), I'm now back on track with a nice remix of the soundtrack "Superman", originally made by the punk rock and ska punk band Goldfinger. The original track got quite famous within the Playstation game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (also called "Tony Hawk's Skateboarding" in several countries). And since I was really digging this song when I played the game as an adolescent, I decided to create a really awesome remix of this track with my new mixing skills and my new professional studio tools. Since this remix is basically my first big track mixed on my new Yamaha MSP 3 studio monitors and I think that it's one of my best tracks with a much more advanced and professional mixing style for now, I hope you radically enjoy this one just like I do. I've put a lot of time, effort, passion and inner fire in the new composition for this remix and I had a lot of fun while creating it with my own musical style which consists of a nice variety of ambient soundscapes, heavy rock parts and some easy-going jazzy lines in this case. For further information about the creation of my remix check out the upload description of the Youtube link for my remix. So, here's the content. Original soundtrack: >>> --------------------------------------- Newest version of my remix: 1.0 >>> >>> >>> https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm38478429 Enjoy this one and radically give me some feedback on how you like the composition for the remix - especially my new mixing style based on my new Yamaha MSP 3 studio monitors and the use of the 2-channel surround mode in my DAW for getting a more spatial mix with a greater imagination of depth.
  8. Besides, you were kinda right with the audio copyright. I just uploaded the remix a few hours ago and there was marked a big part of this track 'cause of the copyright stuff. The remix seems to be still on Youtube and it's nothing severe as they wrote - but they want to monetarize my track (and I don't like that monetarizing feature because of the commercial interruptions). I raised an objection against that and I hope they'll recognize my own compositional work within the remix, my passionate non-profit motive and my intention to keep my remix free from commercial breaks for all listeners. I just don't get it how their content ID software can already find original melodies in a remix which is quite different enough from the original to be a different music genre. If they continue with this, it might be the death of the whole non-profit remixing scene within less than a decade or so. In the worst case scenario they might even forbid own compositions in the future if there are just 3 notes similar to a composition of another dude. And the more compositions are written in the world, the bigger the chance will be that several tracks will become more similar to each other. It's really annoying that individual musical expression and compositional variation of soundtracks might become illegal because of dull money interests. I mean, music is still art and it should be liberated instead of getting more and more criminalized and prosecuted. If only the rich people have the rights and the financial possibilities to get their licenses and make music, how poor will this world and the musical landscape be in the future? Just a few thoughts that brought me a little bit off topic. ... But, contary to my fears, the video cutting of the game trailer material was obviously okay. And since the Youtube video is still on, I guess I'll post it later (or tomorrow) in the video game remix section - so, everbody can form an opinion about the remix.
  9. Thanks for the response and the useful information. )) The soundtrack itself is finally done and I'm really satisfied with the final results - it's pretty fire in the composition and very clean in the mixing I'd say. And I'm really looking forward to post a Youtube link of the final video version. Since the remix is quite different from the original and there seem to be also some other obviously unpunished remixes of this song "Superman" out there, the audio part shouldn't be the big problem. The video stuff I began to start cutting today could be a different thing. So, I hope they'll accept my own work as well as my non-profit & just-for-fun motive or even see it as a good commercial for the remake of the game. If it doesn't work (contrary to my hopes), I could still try to ask someone if I can use real gameplay scenes from within the game. As far as I know, using self-played video game scenes are pretty safe against copyright issues, right? ... But I have another question which might be a bit more difficult to answer. Maybe you know the real footage of skaters, their greatest tricks, falls and crashs etc. within the THPS series. What do you think - are they easy-going with it if I also use some of the original sakter footage or is it rather a pretty unsafe decision like my intuition tries to warn me about this undertaking?
  10. Very unique style and amazing sound quality - mixing sounds like a professional mastering engineer has done the work. You should do video game remixes as well!
  11. Nice one - music style radically fits the track. )) Decent mixing as well.
  12. Yo, girls 'n' dudes from OCReMix. ... I'm working on an instrumental remix of the soundtrack "Superman" made by the band Goldfinger - a track which was also used in the first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game, which got quite famous with this game and which I still love to hear nowadays. ... My remix is almost done (maybe one or two more weeks). But I want to get some nice video material to visually enhance this track and bring in some nice iconic memories. ... So, now my question. Is it possible and fair use, if I use some (completely muted!) video material from the latest trailers of the new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 remaster? So, something like this one - but as a muted version and my remix as the audio layer instead: I would probably cut some trailers into a few pieces and set them together in a way that would fit my remix. What do you say - is it legal, copyright-conform or fair use?
  13. Time for a few new official trailer updates concerning the Final Fantasy 7 remake & compilation. 1) Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis (obviously a straight and faithful remake of the whole Final Fantasy 7 compilation with a more original graphics style, including the original game Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7 - unfortunately only announced as a mobile game for iOS/Android by now) 2) Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade (the coming enhanced Playstation 5 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake containing a whole new episode with Yuffie and a few other dudes in Midgar who are obviously working together with a special unit from Avalanche) I already love the funny scene where the super secret ninja girl gets discovered and radically trolled by curious pigeons (o^_v_^o) and I was also pretty amazed to see a scene with Weiss and the Deepground soldiers in that new episode in reference to the later Dirge of Cerberus content within the FF7 compilation.
  14. Still work with Windows Movie Maker just for video editing. If you don't need more tools for cutting several video parts with a bunch of different cross-fade and special effects together and if you still use Windows (just have read it only works till Windows 8), you'll be fine with this one. In this case, I'd look for the free and updated version Windows Movie Maker 2012.
  15. Of course - your mixing and mastering skills are radically important for the clarity and definition of your soundtracks. For example, with my new/actual studio equipment (Yamaha MSP 3 studio monitors + Fostex PM-SUBmini 2 subwoofer and Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro headphones + Lake People G109-P headphone amp) I can hear much more the unclean passages and acoustic problems in my tracks and see much more the potencial to improve my previous tracks just with a better mixing and mastering. But if you also use free accounts on Soundcloud and Youtube just like me, the reasons why your soundtracks might sound better or cleaner on Soundcloud than on Youtube (which is kinda the opposite of my experience with both platforms) could be probably the video export settings and the quality (bitrate) of your audio file you use in your video program. I only use uncompressed WAV audio files of my DAW music project for further processing in my video editing program to avoid unnecessary data compression chains (for example one of the worst case scenarios: first bigger audio compression process during the export of your audio file in your DAW project - maybe at a bitrate of 192 kbit/s or even lower >>> second audio compression process after video editing with your video editing program >>> third audio compression process with the upload on the online platform at which you finally share your track). I also avoid the use of compressors/limiters in my DAW because these tools also lower/degrade your sample quality by destroying or even radically cutting the signal peaks right in the DAW project file. ... All those kinds of compression in multiple process chains might decrease all the exciting information in your music stepwise and in an accumulative way into something with less definition, clarity and "life" (dynamics) within - so, I'd try to avoid as much of it as possible.
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