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Has Anybody here ever used soundcloud Automator?

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I wouldn't bother. Many of the features are done well enough with Soundcloud pro accounts(like statistics) but a lot of them seem unnecessary or even suspicious, and also potentially off-putting for listeners. Two "features" listed are "Track plays increaser" and "Track downloads increaser", which are vague enough on their own. Looking into it, they say this on the matter:


With the built-in proxy scraper you don't have to worry about buying proxies again, SoundCloudAutomator downloads fresh proxies for you which you can use to increase your play/download count. Increasing plays gets you higher in the Soundcloud search results and therefore gives rise to more additional plays and more exposure!

You shouldn't need to use a program to generate plays/downloads. You shouldn't even consider fabricating plays/downloads, no matter how promising it seems. It's on about the same level as buying plays(and probably frowned upon just as much), but unlike buying plays you'll know exactly who those plays are going to - yourself. That is to say, no one is actually hearing what you have to offer. Don't bother. Plays will come naturally if people like/share your tracks and you remain proactive(regularly upload tracks, respond to comments, etc).

There are also the added features like autu-message/reply/follow/share/repost - That's not really a good thing. If you're going to reply to someone, take the time to do it yourself. By automating these things you're essentially undermining the point of Soundcloud. It's a social platform for sharing your music, building a base of listeners and connecting with them.

So I suppose my advice is "Don't do it.".

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