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    I've been interested in music my whole life. I started playing the piano @ age 8. now I want to expand my acoustic instumentality(violin, harp, drums,etc.).I became interested in video games in 1997(playing none other than Final Fantasy VII for the first time). so, when i rediscovered video games and their music in 2000,i started wondering what it would be like to combine my two favorite pastimes. up until September 2009, I just did covers. now i wanna tackle the challenge of remixing songs from my favorite games. *plug for zircon* and thanks to zircon's production tutorials, i can finally understand enough of the mixing and mastering process to take my just so-so songs and put them on a whole new level(or try anyway ^0^;)my dream for OCR is to be part of an album project. and also thanks to Darkesword for assisting me with velocity + humanizing


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  1. i'm in need of a midi transcriptionist. contact: caitrin7@hotmail.com
  2. @Ronald Poe @theconsoloist what are some of your track ideas? the album needs a battle version of In The Light Of The Crystal just FYI.
  3. the album will be canonical to dawn of the future. Ardyn and noct's relationship(an uncle and his nephew) be like this: https://catlin9.tumblr.com/post/187427942954/uncle-ardyn
  4. yes. question. @Ronald Poe @theconsoloist do either of you know how to transcribe midi from audio?
  5. Contributors 752 posts Report post Posted October 19, 2019 (edited) please note: you do not have to use the genres or styles I put in the examples. Story of Kings Project Proposal GAME NAME(S): Final Fantasy XV
  6. trailer for group: A sextet/octet Baroque/ Early Music Choral group focused on arranging & performing VGM in historical and acapella styles(late 14th to early 17th centuries). *please Note: there will be 3 singers chosen for each voice type so we can rotate people in and out(24 in all) and YOU MUST HAVE YOUR/HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT! some examples of what the repertoire might sound like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN5FkY1zlos&list=PL87A99F7E28901B19
  7. have a promote yourself forum here.
  8. Source: ^from this to THIS(Tchaikovsky level of majestic is what I was going for):
  9. Voces de Forumque: so I need some Baroque/early music(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrtoDWh7TU0 Voices Male and Female(24 in all; so people can rotate 2-4 for each voice type(and it's subtypes). hypothetical schedule: four songs a year. voice info(types: https://takelessons.com/blog/voice-types-and-subtypes) auditions: 2 octave scale & one folk or art song in any language DM me here or on Discord with your audition/ any questions
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