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    I've been interested in music my whole life. I started playing the piano @ age 8. now I want to expand my acoustic instumentality(violin, harp, drums,etc.).I became interested in video games in 1997(playing none other than Final Fantasy VII for the first time). so, when i rediscovered video games and their music in 2000,i started wondering what it would be like to combine my two favorite pastimes. up until September 2009, I just did covers. now i wanna tackle the challenge of remixing songs from my favorite games. *plug for zircon* and thanks to zircon's production tutorials, i can finally understand enough of the mixing and mastering process to take my just so-so songs and put them on a whole new level(or try anyway ^0^;)my dream for OCR is to be part of an album project. and also thanks to Darkesword for assisting me with velocity + humanizing


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    Casio Privia PX-575R(w/Stereo Sampling)

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    Vielle, Guitar, Violin, Lap Harp, others

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  1. I need an audio engineer & a composer for a Final Fantasy 15 Fan Audio Drama I'm putting together. Voice actors too: A Fan Fiction for Final Fantasy 15. Written by Quantum Leek(; AO3). *Spoiler heavy for FF15 Summary: This is the story of a family torn asunder by the death of a father, and everything that came before. Featuring dad!Regis and a twin sister for Noctis. This fic is two stories twisted together: one follows the game's timeline and tells the story of a prince and princess coming to terms with death and destiny, while the other is the story of their lives before and everything that leads up to the beginning of the game. * right now I desperately need script writers if you get ANY Role I'll PM you My discord server Rules: For VAs if you get a role be serious about it don't give me excuses like "I was too tired" if you don't want to do it don't audition. I will have understudy people for real emergencies though. Put your heart into it. I don't care if you ham it up. just act/emote. have at least a halfway decent recording set up; I don't want the background noise of crying babies, airplanes, cars etc. in your recording for all: have fun PM me for the real deadline if interested.
  2. What would you people suggest?: Laptop 1: Gaming (everything from D&D stuff like dice rollers to FF XV level graphics and gameplay) Laptop 2: break time laptop(facebook email OCR etc.) Laptop 3: on-the-go(able to handle things like Protools & Stuff; for when and if I need to score films and record Voice over while I'm on a cross country tour either with my violin or going to conventions as a VA(and fan-girl)or going to film Premieres as a composer. bold = will probably have to be custom specs.
  3. what effects(comp, eq, limit) would be used in a pro voice over demo? I have all of the equipment and I know how to use it for music stuff. I'm just trying to figure out the making of a pro VA demo that I can send to these companies(I want to be geared toward Video games/anime(animation)/ documentaries): Here is where I'll build my profile:
  4. I still need: Oboe Tuba Double Bass Harp and 4 voice(satb) choir for FF15 Medley to wet appetites for upcoming DLC. Demos: ...des anybody here play the oboe or tuba? PM/ Email if interested in any part:
  5. Boom: ...tell me if you like the 13-15 century style!
  6. ...anybody have any suggestions for 2d human drawing software? so I can use it to deconstruct the basic shapes of the human body(arms, legs, noses, teeth etc.) I don't have a very good grasp on human shapes. I want to be able to get the proportions right...
  7. PC 1- music: DAWs Presonus studio one professional(remixing/violin albums) Pro tools(film Scoring/oratorio work) Notation Programs Presonus notion 6 Sibelius other stuff audio interfaces external speakers PC 2- Games( ex FF15):
  8. in sibelius 8 how do I get my new house styles to show up in the set up menu?
  9. So I can write for those types of players. I'm scoring a movie with a very medieval and renaissance-heavy backdrop.
  10. is there software out there to write like this(ex for Baroque Lute):
  11. in an effort to balance my overall sound Should I go with this now: or just wait until I have Space/ finances for these:
  12. I need a lyricist to write English or Latin lyrics for this part:
  13. I need a lyricist to write English or Latin lyrics for this part: here is the full WIP:
  14. Ooooh.......heh heh heh