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    I've been interested in music my whole life. I started playing the piano @ age 8. now I want to expand my acoustic instumentality(violin, harp, drums,etc.).I became interested in video games in 1997(playing none other than Final Fantasy VII for the first time). so, when i rediscovered video games and their music in 2000,i started wondering what it would be like to combine my two favorite pastimes. up until September 2009, I just did covers. now i wanna tackle the challenge of remixing songs from my favorite games. *plug for zircon* and thanks to zircon's production tutorials, i can finally understand enough of the mixing and mastering process to take my just so-so songs and put them on a whole new level(or try anyway ^0^;)my dream for OCR is to be part of an album project. and also thanks to Darkesword for assisting me with velocity + humanizing


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  1. think I got it this time sources used(in chronological order) The Life Death and Rebirth of Radiant Garden WIP 4.mp3 1 "life" 0:00-1:26 2 the "death" 1:27-2:33 3 the "Rebirth" 2:34-4:14 well as using KH1's hollow bastion bass line throughout the first half
  2. "A fortepiano [ˌfɔrteˈpjaːno] is an early piano."(no pedals) this piece I wanted it to have a very early to mid 1700's feel (bach) and no vibrato on the violin & cello either. so it's a very "historical performance" remix World of Destruction For Piano Trio.mp3
  3. added dynamics. still needs compression reverb eq etc. The Life Death and Rebirth of Radiant Garden WIP 3.mp3
  4. The Life Death and Rebirth of Radiant Garden WIP.mp3boom(figured out how to humanize. derp... XD) thanks @JohnStacy
  5. it's supposed to. I just haven't found singers yet.
  6. @XPRTNovice what needs work?(besides vocals)?
  7. *unburies KH Arrangement*...I arranged this like 3 years ago.The Life Death and Rebirth of Radiant Garden for Solo Piano~2019.mp3 let me know what you think
  8. Updated Chanson de Caractere.mp3Chanson de Caractere.pdf
  9. I'm Baaack…Curtain Call.mp3Curtain Call.pdf & sheet music
  10. Finally Approaching SOMETHING resembling the finished product. should I split this track in two like Cantata for Dancing? and which version do you like better? and sheet music for people who want it.World of Destruction For Piano Trio~chrurch organ Ver.~.mp3World of Destruction For Piano Trio WIP.mp3World of Destruction For Piano Trio ~Final~ - .pdf
  11. would somebody be willing to add the vocal/lyric line: like this: into this for me? sibelius is giving me the finger right now ugh...Stand-By-Me-Florence-The-Machine-MSMT.sib or Stand-By-Me-Florence-The-Machine-MSMT.mid
  12. Updated full score attached. Dancing Mad Updated 2019 - .pdf
  13. ...for Stand by me(duet) duet of Stand By me(Florence + the Machine's version from FFXV) instrumental: Lyric video/beat reference: could you possibly do your part first cause I can't really match Florence(I'm a Contralto and it Sucks for things like this)
  14. So I can get people of various talents(directors GUI developers composers etc,)