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Making a pixel art video game!


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Main character run cycle.

Experimenting with times of day in the graveyard.

Graveyard monsters from L-R: Bat, Therewolf, Zombie Eater, Zombie, Mummy, Vourdalak.

Different armor ideas. I hope to use most of them. My favorite is the blue dude. He will shoot lemons from and ride around on his vacuum.

When you enter a building, the front breaks away and you can see inside. Also, I invented a refrigevator™. Part refrigerator, part elevator.

Not sure why the duck, but I know he/she will be important somewhere along the line.

Idle animations for the main character and the duck.

And finally, my pal Duane.

 As of right now, the scope of the game falls into the Megaman X / Castlevania 2 category. If funding increases, my goal is to produce a full on Metroidvania. This has been a blast to work on, and sometimes I do art streams. I also sometimes stream the music-writing process, as I will also be doing the OST for this game.
More info here, if you're interested: https://www.patreon.com/theamazingbrando

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