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  1. Thanks so much for the very kind words. There are a few parts I wish I had the time to go back over, but I left them because the feeling was there. About half of this album was recorded like a good two years before I sat down to finish it. Thanks again. Any tips for production would be helpful too. Always looking to improve. \m/
  2. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Most appreciated. It's not an actual bow, it's an E-Bow:
  3. Hey, thanks a lot! I really appreciate the feedback. I used an E-Bow for this album, hence the swelling and such. Super Metroid made a huuuge impact on my love for music growing up. I would just sit in certain areas to let the music play while I did other things, like draw or read. Definitely in my top 3 of all time.
  4. Hey, thanks a lot man. All of my love is going into this. I've always wanted to make a video game.
  5. Main character run cycle. Experimenting with times of day in the graveyard. Graveyard monsters from L-R: Bat, Therewolf, Zombie Eater, Zombie, Mummy, Vourdalak. Different armor ideas. I hope to use most of them. My favorite is the blue dude. He will shoot lemons from and ride around on his vacuum. When you enter a building, the front breaks away and you can see inside. Also, I invented a refrigevator™. Part refrigerator, part elevator. Not sure why the duck, but I know he/she will be important somewhere along the line. Idle animations for the main character and the duck. And finally, my pal Duane. As of right now, the scope of the game falls into the Megaman X / Castlevania 2 category. If funding increases, my goal is to produce a full on Metroidvania. This has been a blast to work on, and sometimes I do art streams. I also sometimes stream the music-writing process, as I will also be doing the OST for this game. More info here, if you're interested: https://www.patreon.com/theamazingbrando
  6. Hello. I released this quite some time ago, but I wanted to share it here for those who might enjoy it. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for listening! https://theamazingbrando.bandcamp.com/album/m3troid
  7. Hey, music is music. I don't use a keyboard when I use the autotune plugin, I just mute out the notes I don't want in the scale and just tighten it up with the two knobbie jobs there on the left over there. But be warned, for there is no easy way to music.
  8. Hey guys. Some of you may know me from Duane & Brando, but I wanted to share my band with you. This album is like 10 years old. Crap. https://theamazingbrando.bandcamp.com/album/new-totally-radical-extended-ep Here's a music video for one of those tracks: Thanks for listening / watching.
  9. ...had great music. I've been holding onto my rendition of Fire Eyes for... years? Ah crap. Anyway, If anything SoE comes together, I'd love to pitch in. Also, these forums are great. Glad to be here.
  10. Greetings, fellow human people.

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