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"Out" (Acoustic guitar piece)

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I was trying out a few different chord progressions. I ended up with a Bm, DM, Em9, F#m progression(throwing in some 7ths and 11ths later on for good measure) that I really liked, and this is what happened. It's a pretty simple song. Two different rhythm guitar parts with a lead, and sequenced bass guitar and drums.


Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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I like the composition. Theoretically, it proceeds pretty well. However, the dynamics are a bit too same-y.

I would look at the rhythm guitar and drums, since the note emphases on the rhythm guitar are kind of awkward. It kind of sounds like you bumped up the volume on specific chord strikes. It makes the rhythm guitar's peaks inconsistent, and interferes with the lead. The lead consequently gets buried under the rhythm guitar, so you should try adding some light compression on the rhythm guitar to even out the peaks, and scoop the midrange a bit to let the lead come through.

The rhythm guitar pattern is repeated all the way through, so the dynamics don't seem to change, as rhythm instruments pretty much define the dynamic range while they're playing. You may want to have a softer dynamic variation of the chord strumming pattern when the lead comes in, for example.

I can kind of hear the bass, but it can be a bit more prominent.

The drums are pretty light (the kick is barely audible, and the kit overall is quiet). The whole kit can use some compression to make it punch through more, and that can happen more easily once the rhythm guitar is evened out to avoid overcompression.

Here's an example reference track for mixing:

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