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Valkyrie Profile Death Metal Rhythm Guitarist Wanted

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I have composed an entire album of death metal with lyrics inspired by Valkyrie Profile and music inspired by a variety of RPGs. There are tons of remixers out there but only original death metal artist that pays homage to the epic RPGs of epicness. And that's me. I already have an EXCELLENT drummer on board. He's already finished the first song and it sounds great. Normally I would record guitar parts myself but I figured I'd offer someone the opportunity to  acquire the credential of "Experience recording a full-length album."

If you're interested you must be able to do the following:
+Commit to NINE songs of recording
+Commit to finishing one song per week
+Record the left rhythm guitar twice and the right one twice for a total of 4 rhythm guitar tracks per song (so it takes some time, unfortunately)
+Obey my every command. MWAHAHAAAA! I just mean that you'll accept my requests for changes because I do want things a certain way.
+Be awesome just in general. Haha. Just kidding.

I would say that the most difficult song to play is this one:

If you can play that, you should have no problem. Reply if you're interested. I can supply tablature and rough recordings like the one above to help you learn the songs.

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