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Completed: Chrono Trigger: "Revolutionary"'

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Hey, I've been working on a Remix of Chrono Triggers

"World Revolution"

For the last little while, and finally completed it a short while ago, I thought I would get feedback on it before I submitted it to get on the site.

You can listen to it here, it's about 6 Minutes long, have fun and enjoy.


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While i think this is good. It will not be accepted.

1. It feels too thin. The melodies and harmonies are conveying all this emotion, but the intruments don't create the corresponding sound.

2. Same thing kinda. The instruments are too quiet. Where are the dynamics. Don't afraid to let some of those horns tear through the soundscape. Overal varying some of the volumes in different places will really bring out more emotion in this piece.

3. That constant timpani line gets old. It's a nice touch but after a couple minutes the constant pounding, sounds like well constant pounding.

You have some great parts in this but they aren't coming through in the soundscape. Def go back through this for touch ups. Think about variation in that timpani line.

This needs better dynamics. When it does have better dynamics it's goin to be a whole lot better.

This def has the potential to be pretty sweet. I can hear all the parts you've intruduced, they just need to be brought out more.

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Took to long to get the the middle in my opinion, could just be my taste of music though I like the fast part better. 5:14 you might want to speed up a bit if you agree.

I would try to add something unique to it as well, something that gives it its own style to set it apart. Good remix but needs some tweaking.

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Alright here are some suggestons:

In the intro, you should definetely put some reverb on the strings. The horns... don't sound that real. It's also WAY too long and repetitive. It think you need another intrument the second time the melody plays. A violin or harp will do perfectly. Perhaps already a small percussion part in it.

Then on to the main part:

It sounds like a copy of the theme only then with some diffrent sounding instruments. Where's the original stuff? The song desperatly needs some countermelodies. And, like the others already said, it needs dynamics. It's like listening to something that's played in another room, trying to break free.

Don't get me wrong; I like your mix so far, but it needs to be improved if you want a shot at being accepted.

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