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  1. Congrats man, I like what I hear so far! The first track reminds me of DKC for some reason, but I'm really digging it. I'll give a closer listen (and perhaps a 'buy') soon!
  2. Just as a heads up to everyone - I changed my name from pu_freak to Pavos. So it's still me In other news, I'd like to officially welcome Clem (which had sent in a wip quite a while ago actually) and RebeccaETripp to the team!
  3. I would like to change my forum and artist name to Pavos please!
  4. Like I said in the YouTube comments, I can really appreciate the artistic value of using a source and using it in a very different way than just taking the main melody and changing a few notes here or there. I'm a bit biased here because I've done this before as well (and probably will do this in the future). These kinds of remixes can sometimes feel like a puzzle, trying to get the source from it and then going "aahhhh that's what (s)he did with the source". For me, it's very exciting in a very different level than for pure nostalgia. What I'm trying to say is very well done - this might not be for everyone, but as an artist I can really appreciate how you handled the source material! This is the "abstract art" style of making ReMixes
  5. I'd like to officially welcome fxsnowy and SkyRiderX to the team! Don't worry, we also have some Paragon claims coming up
  6. I'd like to officially welcome MkVaff to the team with his Renegade take on Dark Pit! A lot of other mixers are working on something behind the scenes so expect the list of mixes to grow a lot bigger in the not too far future
  7. Yeah it sure does! Awesome that you have a BadAss idea for him! In other news: quite some work has been going on behind the scenes, as well as some mixers working on tracks that are not on the front page yet. What is on the front page though, is that Steele (from BA3 fame) has officially joined the roster with a Nero theme from DMC5!
  8. I used to rent a NES or SNES with one game for a week ((I remember Mario 3, World and Yoshi's Island and the Donkey Kong Country series very fondly) for a long time before I actually owned a console. I was lucky that my dad and brother are also into games, because they bought quite some games for the PC (I think the first time they bought something together was the original Command & Conquer). I think the first time I really bought something for myself was Pokémon Red, after I got my brother's Gameboy. And I think at about the age of 14, I bought a SNES of off ebay with about 7 games on it, which I played waaaaay too much And now my game collection is way too large
  9. The list of suggestions (with some additions) has also been added to the first post!
  10. Hey guys, we'll be using a new feature of OCR called 'clubs', which are basically private forums here on OCR. If you're on our 'own' private forums already, you've gotten an invite for the club.
  11. Keep in mind that The Dark World doesn't really count as a hero theme. So while a cameo is fine, please focus on a main theme. And be sure to keep the vibe heroic (for Paragon) or gritty and raw (for Renegade).
  12. I just wanted to point out what a nice a pleasant discussion/conversation we have here, and thank you for being so open and honest René! Well I don't expect anything, but the connection is something I like most about doing live shows. I do play in a band, so it's not me by myself, meaning I also get the added social benefit of rehearsals. But we usually play at smaller stages for a crowd of friends/acquaintances who bring their own friends or at (free) events that are close to us, making it easier to get to know the audience. I usually stay for a few drinks after we play, and it's really fun to talk to people what they liked and what they didn't like, and just expand your network and get that connection. Granted, this approach is something you need to like to do (networking), but that's really one of the things I like about doing live shows as opposed to making solo tracks digitally. In my opinion it's always too early to make a final judgment about anything I think that talking with peers and showing your music to them (such as here on OCR) can make you more confident and at least get you that personal connection. But making music digitally is just not ideal if you're really looking for a connection. It's very difficult to get your own faithful audience online and even more difficult to have an online group that supports everything you do instead of wanting more of the same. This is something even popular artists on OCR (which I'm not) struggle with their own original works. On the other hand, there are a lot of people in this community who are also more or less socially isolated and were never the popular kids at school, so to say. I'm always surprised by how many artists here (also) have medical issues are other issues that give them a social disadvantage and connecting with them is certainly a good way to get more personal connections - they really understand you. What I'm trying to say is if making music is your dream, don't give up - you can become a professional. I just don't think that it will get you the personal connections your looking for. However, connecting with peers is a way you can get those connections in my opinion.