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Nameless work-in-progress

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Hi guys, I recently started working on an original piece and figured I'd post the WIP here. I do plan on adding more of a transition to the two 'moods' but I think I found a general direction for the track. Unfortunately I don't have access to any real workstation so Mixcraft soundfonts'll have to suffice. Drums are also placeholder.


What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

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I really like it. Composition and arrangement sound nice to me so far.

I do however recommend you start searching for better VSTs and plugins (you can actually find pretty decent free ones) as well as humanize your sequences -- whether by performing them on a keyboard or using the software's humanization tool.

Nothing else to say besides that.

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I'm a little late, but thanks for the kind words. I know the arrangement as-is is a bit mechanical in terms of the way it's composed; I'll look into smoothing things out. Do you have any recommendations for VSTs? It kind of feels like I'm playing the lottery in terms of downloading ones that seem to work with Mixcraft.

I've added considerably more but probably won't post the final track until I'm 100% happy with it.

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