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  1. Thanks to the talent of @TeraCMusic, @VelkkuEvilBastard, @pixelchips and @Dextastic, here is a remix from "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" to celebrate the holiday season ! A huge thank you to everyone involved in this project -- you guys are the best ! HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!
  2. Not sure if it can be considered "Art"... but I recently decided to publish my own comic book/graphic novel scripts on various platforms ! If you're interested, contact me to get the complete first chapter as a free sample ! Otherwise, you can get the full story over here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1027593913/nevermore-a-detective-tale?ref=shop_home_active_1 Feedback is more than welcome !
  3. I might have something for this project already in progress ! Check your messages
  4. This is a playthrough video of the first single of VMK's debut album "Platinum Wings." A passion project inspired by popular shoot 'em up video games of the 1990's such as "Thunder Force," "Touhou," and "Raiden." Follow us on Facebook for weekly updates or subscribe to our YouTube channel if you don't want to miss our future videos
  5. Here's a sequenced demo I made -- inspired by one of my favorite books. Before recording anything I'd really like to know what you guys think of it and what needs to be improved. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello, everyone ! Lately, I listened to the "Perfect Selection: Snatcher Battle" album and discovered this sweet Vocal Cover of the "Peaceful Avenue" track: I really enjoy this version but, since I don't speak japanese at all, I can(t get a single clue of what the song is about. I was wondering is someone here has the skills and five minutes of spare time left to translate the lyrics for me. It's one of these tracks I might want to remix at some point and it could be nice to produce an english version of it. Here's an image taken from the album that might help whoever is interested in this quest: Thanks in advance Cheers !
  7. The pressure of working on a track from your favorite composer ever ! Couldn't figure out a good way to harmonize the vocals and my lack of knowledge regarding how to write for an orchestra make the string and choir parts perfectible. This, plus other stuff here and there, will hopefully be fixed when I'll start recording everything with more talented and knowledgeable comrades. All of which makes your feedback and advice more than is welcome to produce a cover worthy of this fantastic and obscure song. Original: Remix:
  8. I might already have some interesting stuff cooking right now which could definitely fit for this project...
  9. A virtual instrument included in MixCraft -- it gets the job done until I record a real one I used a VST called Alter/Ego by Plogue -- it's pretty easy to use and, once again, gets the job done You just type your lyrics and select a voice bank -- I usually go with Bones Basic -- and there you go ! Thanks ! I'll do my best to produce the best piece I possibly can !
  10. This remix came to me out of nowhere ! I kinda like it, but I don't know if I shouldn't try to transpose the piece in another style... Original: Remix: What do you guys think ?
  11. I'm so bad at creating a topic and putting it in the right topic -- sorry if I messed up one more time :3 For all of you, Tomb Raider enthusiasts, Peter Connelly is starting a Kickstarter ! The goal ? Remaster, re-orchestrate and re-release the soundtracks of the games he worked on for all the fans of Lara Croft who are willing to give him a little help with his campaign ! Let's make this happen !
  12. Someone already told me about that problem -- I will fix this as I'm recording the instruments This "instrumental version" is pretty much 100% original -- only when I'll add in the vocals will we be able to notice it's a remix of the source ^.^ Thanks for the advice !
  13. Though it was meant to be sung by the fairy in the Playstation game, I always picture Sonia singing this lullaby to young Trevor at the end of" Legends" ! I also thought arranging the piece in the same style as A2's "Chosen One" might be a good idea -- tell me if it is Original: Remix (Instrumental): Feedback is welcome !
  14. I desperately need more "Resident Evil" remixes... or an official OCR Album -- a man can only dream But for now, I want to see how far I can go with this piece of my own. Inspired by Tony MacAlpine's "Tears of Sahara", I'd like to see if I can come up with a sweet rock ballad version of "Sleeping Beauty", which I fell in love with. Original: Remix: I need to reach some friends of mine in order to help me record the final version. In the meantime, feedback is very welcome
  15. The structure is definitely here as well as 90% of the arrangement. Problem is it's a Synth Wave track -- which usually gets boring very fast. Change the Drum Kit for a punchier one and add fills at the end of each section to built interesting transition -- perhaps changing the beat for some sections would be nice instead of constantly playing the same or simply having none at all. A cheap but effective way to make the piece more interesting would be to use various FXs and samples -- Sweep for transitions, Lo-Fi/Hi-Fi (Funk Fiction Style) -- or more voice clip -- Hideki Naganuma Style. Check FL's sample library -- you'll find more stuff that you actually need there -- and fill you soundbank with Star Fox voice clips and have fun. Don't forget such classics as Side-chain, Delay and Reverb and don't fear exploring different ways to make good use of Pans. You might tell me you already did some of this but I think it's till too shy. Then again, I'm not an expert of Synth Wave -- though I like listening to some of it. I'd recommend you take a listen to Meteor's Parallel Lives album where you'll surely more accurate stuff to learn from that what I wrote here. As I previously wrote somewhere -- it has the potential to be a very good mix (I personally think this new ending with the Saw Synth is golden). Keep it up and make it happen !
  16. Is it this one ? Want me to give you a quick review while waiting for the boss to return ?
  17. "It's quiet... too quiet!" Seriously, how's the project going ? Any new WIPs ? And what about that DRAMA thing ?
  18. Bein' listening to a couple of your "Sonic Mania" stuff recently and I really like the work on these. Your "Hard-Boiled Heavies" one especially caught my attention -- great lyrics and voice production there. Any plans of doing the "Press Garden Zone: Act 2 - 'Blossom Haze'" ?
  19. Well, that's what I call an original take on the source -- it definitely stands out among all the other remixes I heard of this track. Take in consideration what my comrades previously mentioned and you'll have a killer piece of music !
  20. Another day, another WIP, another song (to become) ^^ This is a heavily arranged version of the Staff Roll BGM from "Wild Guns". I'm not gonna lie -- this is clearly inspired by W.A.S.P. and their original masterpiece "Wild Child" as well as its Battle Beast version. There's also a bit of Toshiharu Yamanishi and Hyakutarou Tsukumo influence in there too for all you "Thunder Force" fans Currently in the recording/polishing state but I guess I might also take in consideration some feedback already before it's too late to change anything. Original: Remix: Enjoy and comment
  21. Another great podcast and interesting interview of a legendary composer ! Just keep those coming, they're awesome !
  22. I'd also invite people to take a good look at this page if we want to produce something worth being approved by OCR -- especially the 'Arrangement' and 'Production' parts.
  23. It's time to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the very popular "Metal Gear" franchise with a remix of a track from a criminally underrated entry in the series. Saxophone: @HankTheSpankTankJankerson Bass/Jazz Guitar: @Arvangath Rhodes/Piano/Harp: @Peíorele Guitar: @mattmatrice Programming: classic_gamer_76 Mixing/Mastering: @timaeus222 Artwork by Lia Perrone. Huge thanks to everyone involved -- as well as @The Nikanoru -- for making this happen. You guys are AWESOME!
  24. I have no excuse not to join in this time Let's do this thing! God, luke7183's version is just so good -- I wouldn't be surprised if he earns all the votes.
  25. Not a big fan of it either and I hope we'll find a better way to end the track eventually. Absolutely ^^ This early WIP is still very drafty but we're planning to go deeper in the arrangement to make it sound more like a "Modern Country" piece. The main reason I'm posting this first sketchy work-in-progress is to make sure the structure is somewhat alright. I'll be updating the topic as soon as the remix will be ... And will eventually be replaced by the singer's performance. Having the basic lyrics' melody established was necessary to make the lyricist's work easier -- though it might be altered depending on what him and the singer will have in mind when it'll be recording time. We're taking it slowly but I'd like to have the piece done for March 2018 to celebrate the series' 25th Anniversary There're so many other mixes each of us have to take care of too.
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