Cole Train

3. completed Eterna Forest (Pokemon DPP Sample)

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Very intriguing sample situation; the sample you chose to loop gives the whole track a very interesting, syncopated sound. Likable, surely, but not quite used to its full potential here. In the future, I'd either slow the sample to the tempo of the track, speed the track up to match it, or do both and meet up somewhere in the middle. Or just choose a more easily looped sample from the beginning and really work the track around the sample instead of just working it in. Both parts are good, they're just not quite reaching their full potential used together here. Not bad, though, especially for a start. I know the first I made was worse. The beat itself is pretty solid; its composition works quite well, despite the unorthodox percussive choices, which can often ruin a track's beat, but really worked in its favor here. Overall, just keep moving forward with this type of stuff; take my criticisms, and my advice. Develop and learn staples of your sound and how to apply them best. I applaud you for choosing Eterna Forest, though, honestly. Sinnoh had the best soundtrack in the Pokemon series, and this is one of the best tracks.

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