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    Fighting games, rap, pokemon, jazz, funk, chiptune, anime, poetry, etc...

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    I'm just some dude who's trynna make cool stuff on the internet.
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    Rapping + Singing, Ocarina (Bass C Seedpod)

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  1. @HoboKa Based on your previous tracks on the DKC3 album and Soul Blazer, I have a feeling that you would make a sick Doomsday Zone ReMix. Also I always wanted to do a rap ReMix to that track, so you know. I'm here if needed. No pressure.
  2. I hated that particular combination of letters anyway. Screw an 'https' man.
  3. Sorry I'm late, the Walmart line was kinda long. All seriousness though, apologies to you and @Chernabogue for ghosting y'all to this point, was working on some personal shit. On the bright side I'm much more confident in my writing and rapping ability now, especially on darker/grimier verses, see the second verses on here and here. So if you still need a rhyme - sayer, I'm on standby.
  4. I know you've already told me about this, but this is a dope concept I'm all for. I definitely think having some tracks with rap vocals would be good for it and help the project stand out in a good way. For an example of what I was thinking, I ended up vibing with sand trap so much I wrote and recorded this a couple days ago. (If you don't want to download, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TW78-pyXlHGsJaeQkumCF_aUOv_yI-se/view?usp=sharing) Sand Trap Beta.wav
  5. Whoops. Maaaybe I should check this more often. I'll send an updated version of the saria track asap. I've since gotten better equipment and have gotten better at mixing so it should sound not terrible this time.
  6. Gah damn son! This shyeat tight! Nah, but great job on this. The melodies are downright hypnotic and I actually really like the numerous vocal clips, despite not being so hot on them at first. Adds to the atmosphere of the track quite well. Also since I am a sucker for trap and enjoy chiptune, hearing them come together this well is like when the yams and mac and cheese touch on your plate: Freaking amazing.
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XwFau1k7SnQEtcGvGK7hKE0SUZWeCYQy/view?usp=drivesdk I got you guys a Christmas Miracle. My wip update.
  8. This reminds me, I still gotta hit you up, I'll probably remember to do that. But this is hella clean man. Beat got much better with the piano and Mario sounds and sounds really smooth. Only slight disappointment is that you didn't add in a Parappa voice clip when you said you gotta believe. But that's more to do with me being a Parappa obsessed weirdo. Great stuff.
  9. But can we talk about how this song itself won e3? Lol.
  10. @OceansAndrew Gotcha. When I have said pitch ready I'll hit you up about it. @Thirdkoopa I'm down with it, LOL. You got it though fam, I'll hit you up on May 4th as well, just to see if you have a concept.
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