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Tascam Giga Virtual Instrument A+


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For those interested, GVI shakes all kinds of ass. I am thoroughly impressed.

My only beef with it is the security USB dongle.

Very easy to get going in FL studio, so any of you FL users that have had problems getting full on Giga studio to rewire, this is a perfectly functional way to sample gig files.

Very simple VST to use and its got some GREAT output.

Aside from the app itself it comes with some VERY useable Libraries. That the libraries are light versions all around, makes me want to get the full sized ones, but even these light sets are really awesome.

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oh man, so last night I was trying to render my track to a wav, and the output from giga was all messed up. Im calling tascam right now to see if there is some way to fix this problem. I really hope so GVI is awesome otherwise.


oh I see!! trhere is a patch for GVI not just giga, Ill see if that works.

no, the patch just made everything sound like ass.

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news update: it doesnt seem anyone on the FL forums know how to fix this issue, and whether its FL engine's problem or Tascam's


Here is an example of the problem I am having

While Im playing back the song, everything sounds great, the outputs are all working correctly, and great sound is going on.

The problem is that when I go to render, I have audio dropouts, on GVI only.

Here is what it sounds like when I render.


Now I made a recording (rather than a rendering) of the output while the file was playing back.

Here is roughly what is supposed to be happening.

Output - expected

Now a smartass is probably going to say "why dont you just record it from now on then?" If thats what you were going to say, jump off a bridge.

I am playing with a bunch of new stuff I got yesterday, ( GVI, Liquid Grooves[sage], Ilio Ethnotechno[sage],) if you were curious.

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