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[FINSIHED] 'Theresa Owns Matt' and 'Stars'

Dj Phe

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dude wat happened to the magus mix!? haha jk

Good start dude. OK big thing here, ur melodies sound awesome from I can hear. I can barely hear them. Bring them out! That main rythmic bass that starts in the very beggining and carries the whole through needs to be varied up. Put some slight LFO on it, also maybe turn down the volume on it a bit it's drowning out all the harmonies and melodies.

Oh yeah try not to use the same reverse cymbal crash when changing sections. Also on the reverse cymbal crash, do some reverse reverb on it to make it even sweeter.

Good stuff so far dude.

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Haha, yeah I couldn't think of anything else to add to the Magus song, so I put it away for a while.

Thanks for the advice. So I turned down the volume a little bit on the electronic part, and added some LFO to it, OMG sounds spectacular!

Also about the reverse cymbals, I didn't know what to use for a transition, so I repeatedly used the Reverse Cymbals. I changed that though, instead of using the R.Cymbals, I just added some claps and hats for the transition.

I'll post the tweaked version later...

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