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Chip's Challenge remixes

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Two main theme songs, from what I can recall. The one that sounds like the background of a blooper reel, and the second, slightly reminiscent of Tetris. Any remixes of this out, and would anyone be interested in remixing it? If anyone's wondering about this game, it's an ancient PC game about a kid trying to get into a computer club who has to collect computer chips and make it to "home". I used to have a Windows V3.1 and it had it on there. It's so old-school, that most of the colors and shading are actually obvious mixtures of two different-colored pixels alternating to make different colors and shades.

Anyways, aside from how old-school it is, I'd like to hear some remixes someday of this, and the sooner I can hear one, all the better. I'd like to see what sorts of remixes a soundtrack like this would take on.

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