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  1. I'm also curious when the torrents are going to be complete and available. Several years ago, when it was just OCR1-1250, I listened through everything and told myself I'd do it again once the torrent(s) for 1-2000 were released. OCR2000 came out a while ago, and now my music library is horribly out-of-date. Plus, I'm always looking for something legal that's somewhat high-traffic and somewhat high-size to help out my seeding ratio.
  2. The vocals were actually my favourite part of the song and made this one of my top 5 from the album. They were just so well-sung and I was wishing there were more of them, particularly more to go alongside the melody.
  3. Not necessarily the best start, but gets more awesome as it progresses. Quite catchy, getting awesomer after it slows down. Good walkin' music.
  4. Awesome remix. I never played the original game, but I can just confirm that it feels like epic awesome to bike while listening to it.
  5. This song is fantastic. It's quite possibly my favourite OC Remix. The awesomeness doesn't stop for one second.
  6. The style it's done in doesn't matter, the artist doesn't matter, but we all know this song deserves to be remixed somehow. It's too awesome to not be.
  7. Anything's good, still. Good luck!
  8. Best link to the tune I could find was just the VGMusic MIDI file, hope that's good enough. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/n64/Title_Screen.mid Anyone think they'll take this up?
  9. You all know the one. It's the one that's timed along with the auto-play video upon game startup. It's excessively catchy and it needs to be remixed somewhere/sometime.
  10. I was wondering if there's any sort of list anywhere on or off the forums naming every OC Remix with lyrics in it. I'm probably considered lazy for not checking, but there are many boards and I wouldn't really know where to check. >_> Also, I am lazy.
  11. Two main theme songs, from what I can recall. The one that sounds like the background of a blooper reel, and the second, slightly reminiscent of Tetris. Any remixes of this out, and would anyone be interested in remixing it? If anyone's wondering about this game, it's an ancient PC game about a kid trying to get into a computer club who has to collect computer chips and make it to "home". I used to have a Windows V3.1 and it had it on there. It's so old-school, that most of the colors and shading are actually obvious mixtures of two different-colored pixels alternating to make different colors and shades. Anyways, aside from how old-school it is, I'd like to hear some remixes someday of this, and the sooner I can hear one, all the better. I'd like to see what sorts of remixes a soundtrack like this would take on.
  12. The ending theme from MM. You know it kicks ass, I know it kicks ass, yet there don't appear to be any mixes of it.
  13. o.O I can't believe I used to think this sucked. It's actually more kickass than you'd think, and I know tons of people are going to disagree with this opinion. I like the effect when the voice starts really high-pitched in part of the song, then gets slowly and gradually lower and lower, yet doesn't actually slow down, as I can imagine a common problem is with getting that effect to work properly. Anyways, Nice lyrics with part of it, and I've finally stopped laughing at it and decided to recognize it for what it is -- A good remix. Also, come on... why do some of you people take offense to "niggaz"? I don't think it's EVER used in a racist way anymore. >_>
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