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Meteo Xavier

Help With Rackmount Space/Solutions/Whatever

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Because the OCR board still ain't getting enough love these days, I'll ask here as well (previously posted on Facebook):

I'm seeking ideas and solutions for the corner of the living room that I very graciously call a "studio" and "office". I don't live in a house where the type of modifying space for a studio like you all have probably done would work and I can't justify buying a whole new desk and redoing my entire computer and corner setup just to get a couple Us of rack mount space.

I have to get VERY creative to make space work here. I only have one rackmount unit (Roland XV-5050) and probably won't get another in the future, and right now it's on top of my piano perpendicular to the desk with a 61-key white keyboard almost resting on top of it if not for two thick, square former TABLE LEGS holding the white keyboard up. This setup almost works, but the truth is when using it in MIDI practice, it's too far away from the computer and not at eye level to be convenient. It's irritating and adds more complexity to an already complex operation.

I seek something that will allow me to have my Roland XV at eye level somewhere near the computer monitor so I don't have to turn my ass around and bend down all the hundreds of times I have to do so to when using this unit. Doesn't have to be something I have screwed in permanently as I don't use it all the time, I just figure there's some reasonably convenient and cheap way to get a single unit more convenient around the computer monitor.

And yes, I'm Googling around other options as well, just can't find anything I like yet.

Thank you!

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