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Meteo Xavier

Sale On 4x4 Audio Interface

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I think the old hardware/software sale thread appears to be long gone, so I'll post it here for anyone interested.

Adorama is selling the Behringer U-Phoria UMC404 audio interface for $70, which I think is quite a good price:

I have the U-Phoria 2x4 model and although I'm not an expert on audio interfaces, I can confirm it works quite well and much to my satisfaction. I can record and run up to 8 lines simultaneously before I start to hear any hiss again, and that's because I'm intentionally listening for it. I think it's after 10 that it actually becomes generally noticeable, but unless you're doing old niche rompler work like I'm trying to do, you probably wouldn't need to run 9-10+ recorded tracks on top of each other unless you were doing work that required a professional studio in the first place.

I recommend it!

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