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First Lo-Fi Hip Hop beat! I'm pretty happy with it!


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Hey everyone!  

I'm new to posting around here, but I've been a long time lurker (for over 10 years now I think).  Anyway, I only recently got back into producing music in FL Studio, which was a hobby of mine in high school, and I feel like my first few tracks have turned out pretty good!  

For today, here's my first lo-fi hip hop release.  I plan on doing more in this style, which I've been listening to a lot lately.  This is by no means my main style of music, I also like to produce dance and trance music, as well as an occasional hip hop beat.  I would totally produce jazz if I could, but my setup is really minimal right now and better suited to electronic music.  By day I'm a gospel keyboardist, singer, and songwriter, so really I just like all things music :)

Anyway, here's the track, and I hope you enjoy!  

If anyone has feedback on the mix or arrangement I'd love to hear it.  


A little more info on how I made this:
The track was made in the latest version of FL Studio, using a free electric piano sample as the base.  The beat was drawn in by hand, and partway through production I purchased a Nektar Impact LX25+ midi controller (which is awesome by the way) and I used that to play the synth lead and do some of the automation.  All mixing/mastering was done in FL Studio, and I'm aware that it's not perfect and I have a lot of room to improve, BUT I actually was really happy with the mix overall.  

Thanks for listening!

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