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  1. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the comments/interest in this project. I apologize for going dark for so long, but definitely want to get this off the ground eventually. I have been caught up with real life issues, such as moving my whole family into a new place, but getting very close to being freed up for production again. That's the only update I can give for now. I should be much more active on this next Month, when I will be getting some upgrades done to my personal music production setup. Excited for what's to come!
  2. Thanks @Gario and @Liontamer for the responses. Based on what you're saying, I think I'm in the clear on the sampling front. I sampled the voice clip, and a small bit of the intro to the song (a backing pad sound that plays throughout my remix but is very subtle). The vast majority of my remix is not sampled from the ost. Would love to hear your opinions on the remix itself. I've also always been paranoid that my mixing won't be good enough if I submit.
  3. I could probably revamp it without the voice clips, but I thought that the no-sampling rule was only for Square games? Or is that changed?
  4. Hey everyone! Made a new remix. I know Schala's theme has been done a million times but I feel like this is a different take on it. Definitely 80s inspired... Not sure if it fully qualifies as synthwave/outrun. Mix is pretty much done, and I'd like to submit this, but thought it would be prudent to pay a visit here first and get some feedback I start that process. Please share your thoughts! Original: Remix:
  5. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    I hadn't really considering trying to make this OCR official. Maybe I should? For now I'm aiming for about 40-60min of music in a mix format (which is common with this kind of music) but I'm not opposed to the idea of a more focused OCR album.
  6. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    Hey guys I know I haven't posted in a while, but this is still something I'd like to do. Got a nasty flu but getting over it now. I've been thinking about how many tracks we want / which games we want to have in this. I'm thinking something like 20 tracks-ish (if they are all at least 2 min then that's at least 40min worth of music) No more than 2-4 tracks based on any specific series so we keep things balanced. No more than 1 remix of any specific song. Those of you that have posted, any thoughts? Do you guys already have completed tracks that you're thinking of submitting to this? I have at least 1 that I think will be good for this mix, which is a Xenoblade 2 remix, but other than that I think anything I personally produce will be brand new for this mix specifically. Happy to hear any other ideas, and if people want to start claiming tracks to remix, go for it!
  7. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    A mario paint remix would be really cool.
  8. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    For sure... actually live bass could be really cool in this style.
  9. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    Hey everyone! I recently had some success with a Zelda themed chillout mix, and I'd like to get to work on the next big thing as soon as possible. I've had a few ideas kicking around, and I think for the next mix I'd like to do a Nintendo-only remix collection. I also kicked around the idea of doing it genre themed, like an RPG Lofi mix or Platforming mix, so if there is more interest in one or the other I'm open to ideas. So you can get an idea, here is the most recent mix I did: I'm happy with it but I would like to be a little more picky about what songs go into it this time around. This mix was very general "chill" music with several genres included, but this time around I want to narrow the genre and overall mood down a little. What I'm looking for: +Remixers interested in creating some high quality lo-fi, chillhop, jazzhop, vaporwave, etc. remixing Nintendo exclusive games. Can include remixes from Mario, Zelda, DK, etc. and even other Nintendo 2nd party exclusives like Xenoblade Chronicles. +Mix totalling around 60min +In typical lo-fi style, tracks don't need to be super long, but I'd say 2 minutes per track minimum +Anyone interested in helping out with art related to this mix Let me know if you're interested! NOTE: I'm also fine with using existing remixes if you have them, but it would be even better if we could have tracks created with this mix in mind.
  10. Hey everyone! I hope this is the right place to post this I just finished a long Zelda mix, including 5 remixes that I've done, and several beats from other artists that you may not have even heard of I think it turned out great, and I put a ton of work into the video too, as this is the first one I've done for multiple songs. Video was 100% done in FL Studio using ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin. Without further ado, I present "The Hero of Hyrule," a 40min Lo-fi, Trap, and Chillout mix ::TRACKLIST:: 00:00 - andre.Wav - Press Start 03:21 - FUSION42 - A Forgotten Lullaby 06:37 - Polaster - Bamboo Island (Lofi Remix) 08:56 - FUSION42 - Door of Time 10:57 - CheeseCakeBeats - Gerudo Valley 13:42 - FUSION42 - Mabe Chillage 16:58 - Phi Dao - Mipha 22:18 - Oskar Nyström (Tiny Drum) - Tarrey Town 24:08 - Smoove Beats - Valley 27:53 - FUSION42 - Windmill Lounge 31:21 - Patriice - Zelda's Joint [Lo-fi/Future Mix] 34:31 - Doc Infinity x mowgli - links loops 37:27 - FUSION42 - Final Hours I'm planning another mix like this also, although it will be open to lo-fi and chill remixes from any series, hit me up if you want to get featured. I'm also happy to answer any questions anyone here has as well. Thanks for listening and I hope this brightens up your day!
  11. Hey everyone Here's another lofi hip hop of a song from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 This one is sampled a lot more heavily than the last song I posted, and as such I will probably not be submitting, but just wanted to share and get some feedback. Cheers
  12. FUSION42

    Best Midi breath controllers?

    I highly recommend the Nektar Impact LX+ series. I picked up an LX25+ back in november and it's been really useful. Whoops: just read that you're asking about wind controllers. I have no idea... but the Impact LX+ series are really good and affordable midi keyboard controllers good luck on your search
  13. So I recently blitzed through Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which has an awesome soundtrack. Like seriously even if you don't have an interest in the game I highly recommend checking it out. After almost 100 hours in the game, I felt it was time to try my hand at a remix. This is a remix of the music that plays in one of the towns at night. "Don't Forget Me" has become something of a meme in Xenoblade/other gaming circles. Anyone who's played the game will know what I mean Original song: Remix: Anyways, probably not submission material, but if someone thinks otherwise I may consider submitting it. I hope you enjoy!
  14. Interestingly enough, I don't think that sample is actually from OOT. It's from some other sample pack I have, and in isolation it didn't sound like that, but in the context of a Zelda mix it sounds like Navi, so I decided to keep it in. Glad you liked the mix by the way.