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  1. Hey all, For some reason I've been enamored with the idea of writing more orchestral / film score type music. For the heck of it, I put a small piece together, which maybe could be for a short teaser trailer. Thought I would share. I also want to ask those of you who use orchestral samples and score games or film, how did you get into it? And what libraries do you recommend starting with? My track is using the (fantastic) free samples from Spitfire Audio's LABS series, but I've been considering buying the Komplete 12 suite (for multiple reasons) and using their Session Strings libraries.
  2. I really like it. The section from around 1:42 on with the added melodic stuff is REALLY cool, but for some constructive criticism, I feel that the hi-hats throw that part off a bit. I'm trying to find the best way to communicate what I'm hearing.... it's maybe a little too empty? Like I feel like it could use a quieter, but more steady hi-hat underneath the pattern you are using. The pattern itself is fine I think but it's a little jarring with nothing else going on. Idk, maybe someone else is hearing what I'm hearing and can describe more accurately. Great remix!
  3. This was absolutely amazing! So so relaxing. Lurelin village is one of my favorite on BOTW's soundtrack as well. You captured the chill beach vibes perfectly! It actually made me exciting for my trip to San Diego in a few weeks. Great job. I don't really have any criticism, I loved it.
  4. Hey everyone! I would really appreciate any feedback you can give on this track! It started off as a boom-bap / lofi groove, and evolved into something more. The "chorus" section teeters on the edge of more electronic, maybe future bass? Anyway, the general structure of the remix is done, and I'm happy with how it sounds but I feel like it could use something else. Please leave your honest thoughts, feel free to roast the track too if you hate it! Also, one thing in particular, PLEASE let me know what you think of the bass. I've been having trouble reigning it in but it sounds a lot better now than it did a few version ago. Just let me know if it sounds too loud. THANK YOU to anyone who is willing to listen and give feedback! I'd be happy to return feedback if you link me to your post. REMIX (WIP): ORIGINAL SONG:
  5. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    Was working on / mostly finishing a chill Zelda's Lullaby remix that might actually fit this project: This is definitely in the vein of what I'm looking for in this mix, if anyone is curious. Not sure if this one will actually end up in the album but possibly with some more polish a version of it. Let me know what you guys think. Some of you may be able to contribute something to this too. Another song that I think I will take on for this album is "Tatl and Tael" from Majora's Mask: I can just hear this as a chill boom-bap style chillhop track. We'll see where it goes. Garrett, I think KK Cruisin could be a great addition. I hadn't even considered Animal Crossing tracks but they actually fit the chill/relax vibe perfectly; I'm excited to hear what you come up with.
  6. Hey everyone. Finally found some time to produce this week, thought I would share. I have to admit I'm pretty proud of these two. It's been less than a year since I got back into writing/producing and I can really hear the progress I've made. I'm still narrowing my focus in terms of genre, but I have discovered my love for anything relaxing / chill. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and I'm open to any feedback
  7. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    Hey guys Thanks everyone for continuing to support this idea! I know it looks like this is going nowhere, I've been sidetracked moving and building a little studio at my new place and I think I'm finally ready to start pushing this forward. Glad to hear that you guys are already working on your songs. At this point, I think it's a good idea for us to get it down IN WRITING who is working on what. ALSO: I agree w/ RidiculouslyGarrett, let's aim for 10-12 tracks. Keep it simple but not too small. A couple of you have reached out to me on Discord to help with arranging the project, I replied so we can get this going. As for further replies, let's try to actually solidify which songs we want to remix. I want to be careful not to get too exclusive, but let's try to think outside the box and not remix stuff that is overly done already in this genre (for example, there area million Great Fairy Fountain lo-fi remixes out there already). Let's make these 10-12 tracks count! I'm going to be thinking specifically about what tracks I will personally take on today and try to post back by tonight. Right now we're in "planning" mode so let's plan well and get this thing moving! Let's get minimum 1 representation from the core Nintendo series' like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, DK, and Metroid (just for example As of now we're looking at something like this for a track list: 1. (Zelda) 2. (Mario) 3. (DK) 4. (Metroid) 5. (Pokemon) 6. 7. 8. 9. - 10. - (11). - (12). - With all that said, throw your hat in the ring, let us know what you want to claim / work on!
  8. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the comments/interest in this project. I apologize for going dark for so long, but definitely want to get this off the ground eventually. I have been caught up with real life issues, such as moving my whole family into a new place, but getting very close to being freed up for production again. That's the only update I can give for now. I should be much more active on this next Month, when I will be getting some upgrades done to my personal music production setup. Excited for what's to come!
  9. Thanks @Gario and @Liontamer for the responses. Based on what you're saying, I think I'm in the clear on the sampling front. I sampled the voice clip, and a small bit of the intro to the song (a backing pad sound that plays throughout my remix but is very subtle). The vast majority of my remix is not sampled from the ost. Would love to hear your opinions on the remix itself. I've also always been paranoid that my mixing won't be good enough if I submit.
  10. I could probably revamp it without the voice clips, but I thought that the no-sampling rule was only for Square games? Or is that changed?
  11. Hey everyone! Made a new remix. I know Schala's theme has been done a million times but I feel like this is a different take on it. Definitely 80s inspired... Not sure if it fully qualifies as synthwave/outrun. Mix is pretty much done, and I'd like to submit this, but thought it would be prudent to pay a visit here first and get some feedback I start that process. Please share your thoughts! Original: Remix:
  12. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    I hadn't really considering trying to make this OCR official. Maybe I should? For now I'm aiming for about 40-60min of music in a mix format (which is common with this kind of music) but I'm not opposed to the idea of a more focused OCR album.
  13. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    Hey guys I know I haven't posted in a while, but this is still something I'd like to do. Got a nasty flu but getting over it now. I've been thinking about how many tracks we want / which games we want to have in this. I'm thinking something like 20 tracks-ish (if they are all at least 2 min then that's at least 40min worth of music) No more than 2-4 tracks based on any specific series so we keep things balanced. No more than 1 remix of any specific song. Those of you that have posted, any thoughts? Do you guys already have completed tracks that you're thinking of submitting to this? I have at least 1 that I think will be good for this mix, which is a Xenoblade 2 remix, but other than that I think anything I personally produce will be brand new for this mix specifically. Happy to hear any other ideas, and if people want to start claiming tracks to remix, go for it!
  14. FUSION42

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    A mario paint remix would be really cool.