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Adventures of Lolo - Ending Theme


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I'd like to submit my recording and arrangement of the final theme from The Adventures of Lolo. It's a kick-ass tune and I've arranged all of the original notes to be played live on the piano. So, in that regard it's extremely conservative. Performing all three voices live and accurately is, I think, innovative. 

I would like some feedback on the recording quality and mix. I used three mics - 2 Octava 012s in facing left and right inside the piano and a Rode NT5 just outside the piano facing the strings. There is some light compression and reverb. 

Here is a video of the recording - 

And here is my version - 

Thanks for watching and for any feedback!

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I wish I could help you out with advice on the recording quality and mix but I don't know much about that stuff in this regard.

I'm not familiar with this game but as a piano player myself this was a joy to watch/listen to. Yes, playing all theee voices at once is innovative and is more challenging than it looks. Look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

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Oh, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It certainly has its pianistic challenges. And yeah, it’s not that popular of a game and this particular song I don’t think has any remixes. And that’s particularly why I chose to arrange it cause it’s so unknown. But thanks for checking it out and commenting!

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