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  1. Yea this is dope. Keep doing what your doing. I think this is my first time seeing a Yakuza remix.
  2. Sup everybody, I wanted to share a remix I did based off of MvC. I’m not submitting this or anything. I just thought maybe somebody else out there enjoyed the Capcom style of the 90s. Thanks for listening. Peace My Remix/Cover: Original:
  3. Yo, Another one of my favorite soundtracks that I feel is overlooked. Love the style. Anyways not an exact cover but not a remix either. Enjoy. Original: My version: Peace
  4. I don't see too many remixes or covers for the Virtua Fighter series. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks the music is awesome haha. I spent a lot of time burning through quarters with this one at the arcades and on the Saturn. Anyways, any critiques or comments are always appreciated. Peace
  5. I don't know about the OCR stuff but @ 1:42 is that another game theme you mixed in? Either way I like the use of the filters and phasers etc.
  6. Sup everybody. So I wanted to try out some new sounds and make something more chill than I normally have. I pictured a star lit sky when I made this. Maybe it could be used for a platformer/side scroller with a night stage or in outer space. Arigato simply means thank you in Japanese as I found inspiration from other artists to make this. Peace.
  7. What's up everybody. It's been a while. I've never done a drum and bass style before and thought this would be a dope way to start learning it. I remade the ending credits theme from the original Marvel vs Capcom. Not a remix but not a cover either so I called it reborn. I'm also not submitting this here. Let me know any opinions, critiques, etc. Peace Original My version
  8. What's up people. This is my take on a great theme from a great game. I'm hoping somebody else's ears can help me specifically with the mixing, mastering, and audio quality. Please let me know what you think. Any critique and feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm not submitting this here but I did it to learn the style of my favorite composers. Peace Source Remix
  9. I'm a huge Sonic fan but I've never played any of the Advance series so I'm not familiar with the music. I'm always down for some jazz though. The timing didn't bother me at all actually. This is pretty smooth. I think you have room for a lot of improvisation and different instruments if you want. As it is right now, the track is pretty open and much of it sounds more like accompaniment. Since you're still working on it, you can always flesh it out. I honestly didn't even know what a melodica was until I looked it up. I definitely want to hear what that would sound like if you decide to update this thread later on or something. Good start.
  10. I'm a simple man. I see Jet Set Radio and I click haha. I like this idea a lot actually. I love this style of music. I like that filtered sounding pad or synth you're using. However, I think it could sound even better if it was filling up my headphones a little more. Maybe with panning or stereo separation. I think the drums could use some swing and reverb as well to make everything sound fuller and more organic. Maybe even some note slides and slightly adjusting the placement of notes on the sax would help too. This is all how I personally hear it though so take everything I say with with a grain of salt. One of my favorite producers of all time (Nujabes RIP) made music in this style. If you're not familiar with him, look him up and listen. He's one of the best if not the best at this style. Peace
  11. Thanks for the feedback on this one. I think the advice helped. I changed some of the velocities and timings of the notes to make it sound a little more organic. Results below... Peace
  12. I listened to this the other day and I thought it was very good. The jazzy section starting at 1:05 is my favorite part. Honestly, I'm not a Zelda player so I couldn't tell you much in that regard and I didn't have anything constructive to say at the time. I did listen to the original for reference though and I'd be interested to see what is said by the panel if you do decide to submit. Great work!
  13. Thanks for the feedback 88bit. I went ahead and took your advice and fleshed it out a bit on the chorus and other parts. Final results below... Peace
  14. Nice! My type of music. I like the first one better than the second but they're both good. The mix sounds good everything seems clear to me. What would make everything even better to me would be to play around with the volumes and timing of the instruments and drums so everything is not so even. It's the same advice I've gotten before and I think it applies here too. And yeah, go ahead with that album homie you've got something.
  15. Hmmm I'm not familiar with the game your referenced but this is like a mellow dance track. It's definitely good background music and is an easy listen. I wouldn't worry about the complexity or repetitiveness either especially considering the limitations you talked about. Too many changes might've taken away from one of this track's best qualities in being simple. I think maybe some added drama could've helped. For example, there's a point around 3:00 where it's just a kick and melody and the other sounds fade in. Maybe the melody could've used a filter or phaser to make it even softer and let the kick stand out. That with the reverse cymbal crash could make a nice build up. Just an idea. Also I think a different bass synth that stands out more would've helped too but that may be because of the limitations.
  16. I think I've caught the jazz bug. This is my first try at it. Part of a demo I put together. Peace
  17. Man I forgot to get my vote in time. I still wanna share my thought though so here goes... 1. Silverpool - I really liked the changes in tempo both midway through and at the end. It was a great way to keep things interesting. The classic game sounds used were cool too. It's almost like there could be a secret retro part in the game. On the flip side of that, the sound used for the main melody around 1:07 was a little harsh for my ears and took away from the overall feeling that you had given the track earlier which was more "light and fluffy" if that makes sense. I also thought that your track didn't need as much reverb or delay as was used. It didn't necessarily hurt and wasn't too distracting but it didn't help either. Still though, the build up to the 2:00 minute mark was my favorite part of this whole competition. Very creative. Good stuff. 2. This one definitely had a more holiday vibe to it. I think you chose your sounds very well with the piano being my favorite part of your remix. With that being said, there was some room for improvisation with that piano that you could have added in my opinion. I think that could have taken this one over the top. The shaker in the background was nice and fit the vibe you gave the track but became repetitive after a while. I honestly don't have any good suggestions at the moment for what else you could have done with it though and that's the way it was in the original. I also like that electric piano sound used around 57 sec. It would have been cool to hear that in a more featured role. A very fitting remix. Overall, this original song was tough. It sounds somewhat simple to cover but doesn't leave much room for change in this type of competition. I honestly have no idea what I would have done differently so hats off to you both.
  18. I got some other stuff going on so I'm not submitting this time but I will listen to everybody's submissions, vote, and give feedback. I'm ready to hear what everybody came up with.
  19. This was pretty fun. I hope I can get in on the future ones. Good stuff everybody. Satoka-Eldon - The string bassline is so dope. That alone gave the track a cool vibe. It's almost like Paper Mario meets Donkey King Country or something. I liked the introduction of the horns. Also the switch to 8 bit sounds was a welcome change and kept things interesting. I feel like this track could do more with some added swing and maybe "human error" if that makes sense.The bass, horns, and overall rhythm seem pretty jazzy but sound programmed. Klevar Koopa/Mr. L - I like the change in vibe you gave to this one. From the very beginning, I could tell the idea you had in your head which is great. It sounds like a fancy brunch or something I don't know lol. The strings and flute sound good and fit the mood great. For me, the wind sound effect was too loud and distracting from hearing the melody. I wish there was a little more on the low end too. Silverpool - I thought the more electronic sound of yours was cool. The drums were knocking throughout and had some quirks thrown in to keep it interesting. The breakdown was nice too. I was ok with the deep bells until about 2:35 when they start to go off and do their own thing. They have too much delay or something and it makes their solo hard to make sense of. I'm glad I got in on this and enjoyed listening to every track for sure.
  20. I wish I could help you out with advice on the recording quality and mix but I don't know much about that stuff in this regard. I'm not familiar with this game but as a piano player myself this was a joy to watch/listen to. Yes, playing all theee voices at once is innovative and is more challenging than it looks. Look forward to seeing what else you come up with.
  21. Haven't done my acct at thasauce yet. Will try tonight. Just in case is a Dropbox ok? If not I'll just use SoundCloud
  22. Deleted from the previous posts. Updated below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5zgym96mth7g1b5/Mega Man Theme MvC.wav?dl=0
  23. Sup everybody. This is my first ever cover/remix of any sort. I'm not new to making music but I am new to video game music and remixing/covering. I'm not looking to submit this or anything as I think this one stays too close to home according to the rules. I'm doing remixes to find out how my favorite composers did it, to learn, and to get better. I'm concerned with the mixing but I can use any feedback OG [flash=] [/flash] [flash=] [/flash]
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