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Uncharted 4 - For Better or Worse (instrumental rock / electronic)


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been a while since i've posted here 8O

i'm currently working on a remix of a tune from Uncharted 4. i'm trying out a different approach to form that slowly builds tension through layering parts and hinting at later chord progressions. i'm taking a lot of inspiration here from Mogwai and Yotto. for reference, i'm basing my arrangement off the tune as it appears on the OST and in-game. at the moment i'd say i have maybe two-thirds of the form sketched out. some of the parts (like the drums) and other instrumentation are placeholders for the time being.

in any case, feedback is appreciated, thanks for listening :-)

(updated 2/1)



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On 14/01/2018 at 4:26 PM, Rotten Eggplant said:

This style of music may be a little out of my element, but I can critique that for which I can.

Or rather, if I can. To be honest, I really don't find much that needs work. Maybe cleaning the EQ a bit, but it doesn't need much. I really enjoyed the atmosphere you created. Very good listen.

thanks for checking it out :)

update: i think this version represents more or less the completed form (some stuff is gonna need to happen during the middle and end parts). also some of the sounds and parameters need to be tweaked (and properly mixed ofc), but i think the texture is starting to sound a bit more balanced. 


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