3. completed Huge Zelda & Chill Hip Hop Mix (40min)

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Hey everyone!  I hope this is the right place to post this :)  

I just finished a long Zelda mix, including 5 remixes that I've done, and several beats from other artists that you may not have even heard of :D  
I think it turned out great, and I put a ton of work into the video too, as this is the first one I've done for multiple songs.  Video was 100% done in FL Studio using ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin.  

Without further ado, I present "The Hero of Hyrule," a 40min Lo-fi, Trap, and Chillout mix :)



00:00 - andre.Wav - Press Start
03:21 - FUSION42 - A Forgotten Lullaby
06:37 - Polaster - Bamboo Island (Lofi Remix)
08:56 - FUSION42 - Door of Time
10:57 - CheeseCakeBeats - Gerudo Valley
13:42 - FUSION42 - Mabe Chillage
16:58 - Phi Dao - Mipha
22:18 - Oskar Nyström (Tiny Drum) - Tarrey Town
24:08 - Smoove Beats - Valley
27:53 - FUSION42 - Windmill Lounge
31:21 - Patriice - Zelda's Joint [Lo-fi/Future Mix]
34:31 - Doc Infinity x mowgli - links loops
37:27 - FUSION42 - Final Hours

I'm planning another mix like this also, although it will be open to lo-fi and chill remixes from any series, hit me up if you want to get featured.  
I'm also happy to answer any questions anyone here has as well.  Thanks for listening and I hope this brightens up your day!

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