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(PS017) [HS] - Drifter EP Out...

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Hey, there...if it's not already up, it will be up soon...I just finished my most polished PxTone work so far (I think, anyway...maybe others will disagree)...

There's some mp3 samples I'm throwing up on myspace (using net cafe connection and am uploading as i type, so they may not all be up there just yet), but the ep is 7 tracks long (over 30 minutes, yo!) and you can only get the whole thing at the piston source site...

1 - Drifting Theory (Hospital-esque dnb)

2 - Kim I/O - Just What Is It (HS Mix) (oldskool uk hardcore breakbeat circa '92/'93)

3 - Our Tillery (Planned chaos and noise)

4 - Bad News Girls (techstep/jump up dnb)

5 - AGF - Pod Bay Doors (Broken Door Mix) (smooth, melodic downtempo breakbeats)

6 - Shift Key (strange dancehall, vgm, dnb, trance combo...not sure how to describe)

7 - Stress Reliever (sex in rhythm)

As usual with piston source releases, you need to download the free (but cool) player/editor from the 'cuts' page. if you have 7.x, please update to 8.x (it's been updated at the site too). 7.x will not play this ep.

Let me know what you guys was quite a bit of work for me.

stream the first 4 tracks here:

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