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  1. I played the living crap out of this game when I was young and even though the arrangement blurred a lot of the elements I remember, it brought out the most memorable at the same time. I enjoyed this.
  2. http://hseiken.mynoisebleeds.com/hs_music/hs-magfest_demo.ogg all tunes are from games directly or remixed from videogame. is short proof of concept.
  3. hseiken

    Korg DS-10

    Hey, sorry if this is off topic, but I set up a spreadsheet for sharing ds-10 patches online. Feel free to modify. Just switch over to the template sheet, copy, then paste at the bottom of the main page and fill it out. Knob positions are bascially all-the-way-left = 0, all-the-way-right = 10. You can split it into decimals if you wish, add notes about the sound, etc... Have fun and go crazy. http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pxcufckbxDD6fQRq4IGD8UA Also, just for fun, here's a couple of live videos of me and my DS-10.
  4. Okay, well maybe it jams even if you're not gay. I don't know. I was born without sex organs. http://hakyoku.googlepages.com/hspalm-02disco-wip2.mp3 This (so far) was produced on a Palm Pilot Tungsten T3 with Bhajis Loops. If you want portable composition power that's comparable to the big boys, you can find this whole thing for less than 150 bucks. I got my unit with accessories for 130 and picked up the program for 30. Totally worth it. Hopefully you like disco regardless of your portable composition preferences.
  5. ...made on a psp. http://iiichan.net/boards/music/src/02.mp3 PSPSeq 3.00 is nearing completion, so I started this song testing out the beta version for bugs. If you used it before, there's lots of new editing sweetness in this one that makes putting tunes together super fast (preset saving/loading, copy/paste within track, edit multiple steps that you select at once, etc.). I put this song together on the psp in about 2 hours or so, most of the work was deciding how it should go and creating the sounds (it's all synthesized in realtime except the sampled drum loop). I'll pop back when it's finally released (and will probably have 1 or 2 more demo tunes for it).
  6. Cause I'm stuck throwing together live shit done with reason on top of overused acapellas... http://hseiken.mynoisebleeds.com/hs_vs_jungle_brothers-ill_smooth_you.ogg
  7. ...comes yet another impossibly small niche netlabel. PSP MUSIC. Check out running jump records. http://runjump.iiichan.net/
  8. I don't have my copy, i searched youtube, no idea where to find this...this was an awesomely funny tune... Why did ocr remove it?!
  9. http://hseiken.mynoisebleeds.com/hs-space_debris_ii.mp3 Spacy DnB...i guess? bit of an epic 80's flare to it to...i don't know...
  10. Congradulations...you have just taken your first steps into a larger world...
  11. Actually, I'd need to insult the artist of the original chiptune on national radio, then deny I did anything wrong...oh, and also make a ringtone using the chiptune... Did I forget anything? Have I pissed anyone off yet?
  12. 1.) Rip off chiptune. 2.) Slap drums on it. 3.) Get Nelly Furtado's vocals on it. Don't believe me? Just listen! http://hseiken.mynoisebleeds.com/%5BNelly%20Furtado%5D%20-%20Say%20It%20Right%20(HSeikaland%20Edition).mp3
  13. Another piston source release. Please note, AGF has switched names due to confusion with another artist who had held that name before (a female singer from Europe if I am not mistaken). Anyway, you know the drill...if you haven't listened to anything from us by now... http://pistonsource.iiichan.net
  14. There seems to be a strong Timbaland support base that he's a 'genius' producer... Here, I've believe that I've just proved that to be nonsense. I took an acapella and made it carry a simple loop I made in 45 minutes. I even added 'genius' by speeding up the acapella (cause that's something timbaland might get 'recognized' for, like no one's ever done it or something)... At any rate, enjoy this wu tang mix made in 45 minutes...proof that Timbaland isn't a super producer, but merely super lazy. http://pistonsource.iiichan.net/wutangllcoolj-1234567(hseikalandroughcut2).mp3 PS if there's any rappers out there that want to collab, I promise I'll spend more than 45 minutes working on the backing music to your spitting. I've always wanted to work with a rapper...if you like, please don't hesitate to message me. Don't worry, I won't rip you off like Timbaland, nor anyone else for that matter...unless I get a big fat check like that stupid ass does.
  15. I really liked this EP. I can't explain why. It's hard to listen to sometimes...kind of like if Charlie Kaufman made music instead of movie scripts. It's intriguing but at the same time disturbing. BTW, http://imdb.com/name/nm0442109/ in case you need refresher.
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