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Apollo Justice - Objection! (Warrior of Neo Olde... Beijing? - traditional 'Eastern' style)

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I apologise for the terrible title. I was (very slowly) working on an Apollo Justice follow-up to my Phoenix Wright vs Studio Ghibli orchestral theme, but found the orchestra just wasn't working. I kept hearing Kotos, Shamisens & Shakuhachis instead. Then when Logic Pro's terrible native library kicked up a few sample-related fusses, I had to use Ruan Moon Guitars, Erhu Violins, and the 'Asian' percussion kit. In other words, a terribly inaccurate range of traditional instruments! Think Kung Fu Panda meets N64 Ganbare Goemon.

I'm generally pleased with how it's shaping up, but have lots of improvements in mind. Keen to get some feedback before I put too much more work into it.

Here it is: 

And here are the sources:

Thanks for listening!

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First off - GREAT source music! I absolutely adore the Ace Attorney series and its music.

I'm probably one of the last people you would want to take production advice from, and with that said, I really don't have much feedback for you except that I really like where this is going. I like the reverbs you chose or of which you had presets - they give a good, accurate space to your mix. I like the samples and how you chose to incorporate them. I like the writing structure of your piece, you definitely have a knack for variety and knowing when to add new elements/remove old ones.

Can't wait to hear this one finished, man. It's awesome!

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