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  1. Stunning Cactus

    OCR03707 - Donkey Kong 64 "Anthropoid Overture"

    I can't believe there are so few DK64 remixes. And now thanks to this mix, you have to be super vulnerable to try to submit a new one! This is just incredible. Beautiful orchestration, very true to the source material while having a keen eye for adventure aurally and in the literal sense. The instruments sound incredibly believable and the soundscape is just gorgeous. Very well done - makes me want to submit a DK64 remix myself!
  2. Stunning Cactus

    1. work-in-progress Kirby's Adventure ReMix

    I really appreciate your feedback Believe it or not, everything in this mix - piano included - is MIDI. I didn't even use a MIDI controller, I click all my notes and velocities in by hand. But I'm glad to hear you thought it was believable! I actually had a friend also tell me the mix felt dry and could use some reverb. So I'd say you're definitely onto something, and I'd wager Geoffrey might say something similar (and something about the strings being ever so slightly too loud... haha). As for your recommendations regarding the snare, I agree! I may have originally had too much of the 250Hz range in there and scooped out a tad too much to the point where it's sort of dull. I'll see if I can fix that up. I will definitely be taking everything you said seriously, and I think you should give yourself more credit than you did, because you definitely have a good ear, my friend! I'll be addressing it all along with that which Geoffrey brings to the table for this next evaluation, then hopefully resubmitting! Cheers.
  3. First off - GREAT source music! I absolutely adore the Ace Attorney series and its music. I'm probably one of the last people you would want to take production advice from, and with that said, I really don't have much feedback for you except that I really like where this is going. I like the reverbs you chose or of which you had presets - they give a good, accurate space to your mix. I like the samples and how you chose to incorporate them. I like the writing structure of your piece, you definitely have a knack for variety and knowing when to add new elements/remove old ones. Can't wait to hear this one finished, man. It's awesome!
  4. Stunning Cactus

    1. work-in-progress Kirby's Adventure ReMix

    Geoffrey Taucer- Thank you so much for your feedback! I've been hard at work implementing your suggestions and I'd like to give this review another go. Here is a download link to my latest version (3_6_2018): Resort ReMix 3_6_2018.wav?dl=0 I appreciate all you've done so far. Let me know if you think more changes are needed! Regards, Stunning Cactus
  5. Stunning Cactus

    1. work-in-progress Kirby's Adventure ReMix

    I think I posted this as work in progress rather than ready for review when I posted it yesterday. I'm not sure if editing it brought it back to the top and I'm thinking perhaps people looked past it because of the tag, so consider this comment the one and only *bump*
  6. Hello there! Before I prepare to send in my "resubmit", I would like to seek some guidance from the folks here on the forums. I'll include a link to the judge's comments below this paragraph. The focus of the critique was the production side of things, as I had numerous issues with balance (EQ, volume, panning) that needed addressing. I'm happy to hear any ideas you all have about the composition itself and the instrument choices, but my main motivation for coming here is help with the production work - mixing, mastering, etc. Since reading their feedback, I've been hard at work reproducing my track to fix the issues they mentioned and a few of my own. I want to know what you guys think and if you have any other suggestions for improvement. Thanks for listening! 1. Here's a link to the current version of the track: Resort ReMix 2_22_2018.wav?dl=0 2. Here's the version of the track that the judges critiqued: EDIT: Link to the original source: