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Original Wii VC (+WiiWare) Games To Get For Sound Tests


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As many of you may know, Monday (before 1PM Pacific) Is the last chance to add credit to the original Wii Shop. As someone who produces a video game music radio show, I'm attempting to maximize value by picking up games with sound tests (I prefer commercially released soundtracks, but that isn't always viable). Therefore, highest priority goes to games that:

-Do not have a readily available commercial soundtrack for (at least that version of) the game. In other words, games where a soundtrack has either never been released, or the soundtrack is out of print and horribly expensive.
-Have not been re-released on other platforms (or have, but those versions have significant sound issues
-A physical version of the game would be significantly harder/more expensive to come by

I figure this might be a good thing to crowdsource. Here are a few I came up with:

Earthworm Jim (Genesis version-PC version on GOG has CD music)

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