3. completed Pokémon Gold/Silver - Bicycle ("I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor arrangement)

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I know people are usually averse to VG covers with vocals, but for this one I parodied a song that's supposed to have lyrics while incorporating a VG track. Do you think it worked out?



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I just realised the bike theme is a variation on that of Goldenrod city XD

I think overall it works - the lyrics are funny, and I especially liked the instrumental section at the start where the two tunes were blended quite naturally. The switch to a minor key for the bike theme works nicely as well - personally I love to swap major/minor sections.

One minor comment is that I think it gets a little busy around 1:04 to 1:08, and 1:19 to 1:23, where the violin is playing semiquavers over the vocals; it might be worth paring out the violin part a little bit by removing some of the semiquavers (if that makes sense).

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