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  1. I know people are usually averse to VG covers with vocals, but for this one I parodied a song that's supposed to have lyrics while incorporating a VG track. Do you think it worked out? Originals:
  2. My cover of the song that plays during the most spoilerific part of Super Mario Odyssey. Also includes bits of Peach's Castle, Super Mario World's Main Theme, Mario 64's File Select Theme, and Jump Up, Superstar. Let me know what it needs in terms of production or arrangement so it can sound as good as possible! It's still missing a few backing vocals, but besides that it's about done in terms of recording.
  3. I did it in Pro Tools, the guitars and bass are live instruments, everything else was programmed with MIDI. Glad you liked it!
  4. I don't know if I'd be able to help you out with the entire project, but I can definitely do a track or two! Why don't you send me a version of the Dam without the guitar track and I'll record a new track to go with it. Then I'll send you the isolated guitar track and you can mix it in however you like? If you'd like to hear some of my guitar work, I just submitted a cover of Hateno Village (BOTW) here in the forums. Give it a listen when you get a minute?
  5. This is pretty fantastic. I think the Facility and Train tracks are great examples of what a good job you've done here. That being said, sampled Electric Guitar is never really a good sound. The Dam track in particular would really benefit from live guitar. If that's something you're not able to do yourself, I could help you out. Also, the piano could use a bit of velocity tweaking. For example, in the Cradle track, particularly in the beginning, the piano sounds a bit lifeless. Obviously, this isn't dissimilar from how it sounded on the N64, but if you randomize the velocity (and maybe even the quantization) a bit, the track would have even more energy to it. Great work overall!
  6. My current draft of my cover of Hateno Village's theme. I had heard the track an 8th note off from what I believe the intended rhythm is, and I kind of preferred it that way, so I made an arrangement based around that. Let me know what you think it needs! Original:
  7. This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. I have no critique. I'm just wondering why it's not shareable! It seems to not be on your SoundCloud account, just embedded here.
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