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Final Fantasy IX - Jesters of the moon.

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Only you can really decide if you want to submit this to the OCR judges' panel or not. I couldn't give a very helpful judgment for the song itself, and I think if there were a lot of feedback for it you'd probably get a lot of inconsistent ideas of what's good and what's wrong with it, but even on my tinny laptop speakers, I can definitely hear some pretty good quality rearrangement skills and a lot of potential here. It's quite a bit better than I was expecting, honestly.

I say go for it. Worst thing that might happen (and I don't mean to speak for the judges here) is that you have to go back and fix some things and then resubmit.

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Like Meteo, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I found this track surprisingly quite good.

I rather enjoy the creativity of the arrangement and sound design applied to this. The quality of the mix is quite good, IMO. I like the whimsical feel and light touches of organ here and there; the heavy reverb on the background strings really sets the stage well.

On arrangement, the only issue I would have is there are places that sound quite scarce. An example of this is 2:16 to about 2:35 - until that light harpsichord(?) fill comes in, you're only repeating the root again and again; not a terrible place for it, but a little garnish here (more fills with varied instrumentation) would help keep up the pace and keep the arrangement interesting.

I think production is where you will be picked on most by the panel. The reverb is a little too heavy in spots, particularly noticeable on that bass drum - toward the end, I've got this constant rumble in the lower back of my right ear that is really making me grumpy. Some of FX have good filtering and panning, but no dynamics; some variation in volume and application throughout the piece would add some texture.

All in all, I really like this and I don't think it is far off of what the panel is looking for. You've definitely posted to the right place; if you put a 'ready to review' tag on this, one of the workshop folks will give you the full meal deal on feedback.

Hope this helps and keep playing!

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