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  1. Just so everyone is clear, I cannot guarantee that I will be here every day until the end of the project. My life is still complicated and my RL has to take priority. That being said, I WILL guarantee that if messaged/PMed, I will respond within 24 hours. Both of you should be syntaxed for your context! LOL
  2. Yes, I did. I'm getting to it... I have some stuff to say on SCRAMBLE, but I'm not ready yet. I will get back to you when I can. I still have all the material and all the WIPs, and the project overview is mostly accurate to the last time I was active - there are only a few changes to do. I did send out a bunch of reviews in July that I didn't hear back from some folks on but I will follow up with each remixer as I get caught up. You should be punished for that one, sir!
  3. Hello, all! Me here. Again. I have been out of commission since August due to a personal loss of someone very close to me. I've been anti-social, shutting out the people closest to me, and throwing myself in full 'get through the day' mode for three months - with a little self-pity for maximum impact. There is nothing like doing everything the grief counsellors tell you not to do - the platitudes lose their effect after a while, and it's amazing how far down you go before you realize where you are and how long you've been there. So, I have let this get off the rails again, and this time, I let it run over our final deadline. I can say with certainty that this project is not yet to the point where it can be submitted, and due to the utter lack of updates in my absence - except @Slimy (final tracks submitted! YAY), @JulienMulard, and @TheChargingRhino, I've received no updates from anyone. That being said, I really wasn't here at all this time and judging from some of the feed I was reading on Discord, some folks are losing faith - so here I am, once again checking in with the project and letting everyone know I'm not dead and neither is this project. Now, we are past the final deadline I set for September 30th. I have to reframe this project to get it back on track and this may mean renaming the project itself. If you still want your submitted track to be included in the album, have faith and I will be reaching out soon! If you are out of patience with me and want to take the music elsewhere (or submit independently), please let me know or I will assume you are still on board. ---- For anyone questioning whether I will see this through, you would be right to ask - but please understand that this project gives me a joy I don't have in other parts of my life right now. I will see this through one way or the other - after all, I always come back, don't I? I'm sorry again for being away. Please have patience with me through this - we're still going to get this done!
  4. LOL I guess I have been really slow about that. I'll have an answer for you by Monday.
  5. Hi! I'm here - always have been - I just have a lot on the go at the moment. PM me if you need anything.
  6. The Nikanoru

    Are any of my old friends still alive?

    This mythical 'UnMod' forum seems like it was a really happening place. Every time I see long-time members reminiscing, that forum always seems to be at least mentioned. I've noticed this too. I wonder if OCR has any statistics on that?
  7. I appreciate the offer and will keep that in mind for when the time comes. --- Thanks to @Jorito for pointing out a couple of bad links on the WIP Spreadsheet. I've fixed the links to Impending Abyss and Can't Let You Do That!
  8. Hello, all! The post is a bit late, but I was watching all this weekend - everyone except @Katamari has now checked in with me. Thanks to everyone for doing this; I'm very happy for those of us still on board and once again, I think we are back on track! Now, a quick State Of The Project: 27 of 32 tracks claimed, 26 with WIPs of some sort. @XPRTNovice has had something come up, but he'll send me a WIP for his track soon. Lots of work still needed on these tracks - heads up for anyone offering to perform jazz instruments as @Thirdkoopa might be looking for folks for his remix, and a few folks will be looking for guitar and/or bass recordings soon too. Keep those strings tuned and practice your embouchure! 6 of 8 scripts finished and reviewed. My reviewer is away at the moment, but as soon as he checks in, I'll post them. Once scripts are posted, I'll be gathering up the narrative staff again so we can get some vocals recorded. Voice roles are still open to claim; put together a recording of what you think is the best voice for the role and PM me! I have an idea for the ambient soundtrack in these scenes, but I'll need someone to take on handling this aspect, as I now doubt I'll have time to do this myself. We won't be ready for this until we get some vocals recorded, but something for folks to keep in mind. I have the back covers for the album, as I said previously, but they aren't ready yet and my guy had a rush of work at the end of spring. I hope to have updates by the end of the month, but no guarantees. It sucks waiting for free stuff, doesn't it? Still looking for a co-director. Nothing to say on this; PM me or email if you're interested! The Audio Support panel is a little thin on responses lately. Anyone interested in reviewing tracks and helping out fellow remixers, please let me know! I've asked the QA panel to do a final, final review on our two 'finished' tracks, and then pending any last-minute revisions, I will submit them to the OCR panel for the second pass. I see several others getting closer and closer - keep up the great work everyone! SCRAMBLE is still coming. Might not have, er, taken the time offered this weekend, but it is coming. I have given a lot of thought as to how much time to give to finish, as this has not progressed in the way that I envisioned (no one's fault but mine). July 1st was the original final deadline I put in place, but I extended it based on where we were in the spring. However, given where we are now and the great response I have had on this deadline, I'm confident that we are going in the right direction, so the FINAL DEADLINE FOR ALL MUSIC will remain SEPTEMBER 30TH. I might give some leeway if discussed prior to deadline, as I don't expect the everything will be done on that day, but if we want to continue to target release this year, we can't put it off any later if we want to have a chance of doing so. So - get me your final final FINAL tracks ASAP so we can get them reviewed and submitted as we go. Any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know. We're on the home stretch, everyone!
  9. The Nikanoru

    We're Going Home — Space Fantasy

    I rather enjoyed this one too. Lovely and warm, with just enough epic for excitement. This feels like a Metroid overworld track or a Star Ocean theme - and I hope you don't take offense to that, as I know you don't remix much anymore. My only real comments are: In the intro, the horn sounds way more present than the background strings (ie. the strings sound a bit narrow). This is probably subjective. Not sure about the lead vocal fill at 1:13. It's the only place where a lead vocal stands out, so it seems a bit out of place to me. I really like the subtle build until the violin drops at 0:52 - I think this is a perfect escalation of mood. The parts that really grabbed me was the little fill you have at 0:32 over the horn and the ending; that last instrument made me think you were going to break into something sounding a bit Southern Europe or Middle Eastern. I think this would sound pretty darn awesome following an orchestra, but only a suggestion. Anyway, sounds great! Hope to hear more on this.
  10. Just a reminder - it's almost deadline time! I haven't had a chance to work on SCRAMBLE yet, but I'm putting aside time in the next couple of days to work on this. Probably won't have the scripts ready until next week, but this is also still coming. ---- I have not heard anything from @Katamari or @CrimsonCobalt in some time - if anyone has heard from them recently, please get them to check in with me! Also, need to hear from @Cole Train and @DS394 over what is happening with the Sauria remix. ---- I've received quite a few updates lately which I have been posting to the WIP spreadsheet. Great work, everyone, keep them coming! ---- EDIT: @MindWanderer has offered to join our QA panel. Welcome aboard, MW! ...and a special thanks to @Theory of N for helping me get the word out. Still looking for folks to help out on the Audio Support panel too!
  11. The Nikanoru

    Naming a track in a non-clickbaity way

    How dare you, sir. Bob is a revered and respected name, given to all sorts of perfectly intelligent and properly-endowed people. Many such Bobs have gone on to do wonderful and important things - in fact, we in Canada almost had an entire province named Bob. It's beautiy is in its simplicity; I'm sure there are many folks here who have a Bob in their life that has been an inspiration to them - what better place to pay homage to a great name than a great song? Now that I think about it - A Bombastic Bruhaha Blasting a Blasphemer of Bob wouldn't be bad either, would it? Still like yours, though.
  12. The Nikanoru

    Naming a track in a non-clickbaity way

    I was going to suggest 'Bob', but I like this better.
  13. The Nikanoru

    3. completed Sega Golden Axe - Death Adder METAL STYLE!

    I do like your style, Cmac. Geez - last time I heard the name Death Adder was on a then-old arcade machine about 15 years ago. Never did have enough quarters to actually fight him though... You have great sound with the guitars - definitely good metal going on here. However: Everything is jammed in the center - panning / reverb needed all around. Bass sounds un-good; it sounds a bit 'flubby' and (to me) sounds like it has no depth at all. Most percussion seems buried behind the guitars - except the double-kick, which sounds a bit weak to me. Transitions to slower parts sounds a bit clumsy, particularly around 1:34 and 1:49; some dynamics or a bit of a lead-in (like @ 2:20, but this sounds a bit clumsy too) would really help with flow. Needs fills everywhere - lots of heavy rhythm guitar, no lead work! I hear light touches from orchestral instruments here and there - good start, work on this! You definitely got the main sound of your track down pat here, but it needs more support from the lighter parts of the track, more lead guitar, and more of those orchestral touches. Can't let big rhythm guitar sections rule the piece! I'd like to suggest you give the Black Mages a listen, if you haven't already, particularly this track. The way they combine the full orchestra with the epic metal might give you some ideas and scale on what the arrangement and mix could sound like. Maybe. Hope this helps. I enjoyed, thanks for posting!
  14. The Nikanoru

    Final Fantasy IX - Jesters of the moon.

    Like Meteo, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I found this track surprisingly quite good. I rather enjoy the creativity of the arrangement and sound design applied to this. The quality of the mix is quite good, IMO. I like the whimsical feel and light touches of organ here and there; the heavy reverb on the background strings really sets the stage well. On arrangement, the only issue I would have is there are places that sound quite scarce. An example of this is 2:16 to about 2:35 - until that light harpsichord(?) fill comes in, you're only repeating the root again and again; not a terrible place for it, but a little garnish here (more fills with varied instrumentation) would help keep up the pace and keep the arrangement interesting. I think production is where you will be picked on most by the panel. The reverb is a little too heavy in spots, particularly noticeable on that bass drum - toward the end, I've got this constant rumble in the lower back of my right ear that is really making me grumpy. Some of FX have good filtering and panning, but no dynamics; some variation in volume and application throughout the piece would add some texture. All in all, I really like this and I don't think it is far off of what the panel is looking for. You've definitely posted to the right place; if you put a 'ready to review' tag on this, one of the workshop folks will give you the full meal deal on feedback. Hope this helps and keep playing!
  15. The Nikanoru

    Sally Forth! Fantasy RPG Tune

    I rather like this. What was the inspiration for this?