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Hey peeps! New poster here (though longtime OCR fan). Recently decided to post my music online and in different places for people to enjoy and I hope that some of you on this forum give my music a chance. Any and all feedback is welcome! I am still experimenting with a lot of different sounds, arrangements, and textures, but my overall goal is to just get people to tap their feet and enjoy some quality beats, game-inspired or not. My game-inspired originals though usually come from random thoughts I get while re-playing some of my favorite games. Hopefully, some of you will appreciate.


Track 1 - So I always felt the inside of the Black Omen in Chrono Trigger resembled a synth-wave goth club. So I made what I thought would be the club's titular track. =3


Track 2 - For this one, the idea of Ness


paying The Runaway Five's debt was funny to me and I felt this would be the song the band would dedicate to Ness for his kind generosity. Ness always calls his dad (to save game progress) and I thought it would also be funny if his dad screams at him over the phone for paying $10,000 and giving away a large diamond to help the band. Also, The Runaway Five has actually 6 members, go figure.




Track 3 - This last one, started off as a musical idea when I was messing around with my guitar. Then after developing the song a bit more, it kept reminding me of Cave Story. So I dedicated the song to the game's first obtainable weapon, The Polar Star.


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