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"Ace On Me" - Gameboy Tennis (1989) BGM #2 Orchestral remake

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Hello fellow musicians and music lovers,

I actually managed to complete something for once! Let me share with you this orchestral remake that I did of the classic 1989 tennis game for the good ol' Game Boy. (Link at end of post)

From the Soundcloud description:


I just completed this remix of one very old Game Boy game soundtrack. The original track is BGM #2 from the game simply titled "Tennis" (featuring Mario as umpire). I'm very pleased with the result, given the fact that I "just" used Musescore 2 with some orchestra soundfont.
I hope to invest in a more professional set of VSTi soon and remake this using FL Studio. For the moment this satisfies my creative needs :)

A little background to this: I got this game for my birthday many years ago. The theme that plays during a match quickly got stuck in my brain. It is quite catchy in all its simplicity. Problem is I was very bad at the game! So much so that I wanted to trade it for another game, but I couldn't find a good replacement so I held on to it.
Other less than pleasant memories are attached to the game, nevertheless I felt like making an orchestra remake. The intro is inspired by the Mermaid theme from Donkey Kong 64. I initially felt inspiration coming from A-ha's "Take on Me", but all the remains from that is the title "Ace on Me". The title is a wink to the fact that on more difficult modes, your opponent would always use a certain unstoppable move (ace in tennis terms). It drove me insane. You could feel it coming every time.

So here you go: a beautiful orchestra remake of an 8-bit tune that is almost as old as I am!

In addition I might add that the track seems a little out of place for a tennis game. The feeling I get from it reminds me of sitting at a desk and finding myself lost in thought. Coming up with a plan or maybe mustering up the courage to finally talk to that cute girl in class. It has a hopeful vibe to it. "I'm going to do this, even if it is challenging!" My orchestral take on it just makes it way more epic! I'm kind of proud of it really.

I'm setting this to "Completed" because it is "done" as far my initial intention is concerned. When I do finally get more professional sound material to work with in FL Studio I will consider it a new project when I try to make the transfer to that. Your feedback is still welcome of course. :) I already know it needs better mixing, dynamics and humanization.

Maybe you can tell me what a good alternative would be to the bass alternating octaves at 16th notes. I figure that would be tough to play in real life? I rather not that the speed suffers.







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