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    I'm a 34 year old male from Europe. A Christian, married, a musician-in-making, and battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Asperger's while at it.
    Due to my severely limited energy and near constant pain and fatigue I have to take life in small bites. My access to the computer is limited to protect myself. As a result, I may take some time before replying to messages, but feel free to contact me and say hi or something.
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  1. I have a few positive updates to share. Since I made this thread, I might as well share them here. My wife and I have been married for 9 years this week! Not quite a milestone yet, but still worthy enough to eat cake... After my last visit to a doctor/specialist I was told that there wasn't anything left for them to do in terms of trying to find a physical cause for my chronic fatigue. I came prepared with a bunch of information on how to test for and help with ME/CVS, but the specialist shot down my whole approach to my problem and told me he didn't have time to read all that. I
  2. Hey thanks! (Sorry for the late reply.) I'm not quite sure what the new direction will be yet. It probably won't be something completely different in terms of sound/style, but I'm mostly struggling to make longer and more varied works (so form, and composition). I definitely want to go beyond solo piano pieces and I have plenty of other VST's waiting to be explored and used.
  3. Hello I'm sharing my latest piano piece(s) with you. From the SoundCloud description: I may also release another version with solo violin added to it in the near future.
  4. Sorry to hear you've been having some rough times. It certainly has been a crazy year that we're all likely going to remember for the rest of our lives. I hope you'll be able to keep it up with working on your music. Having something of a goal and a distraction at this point sounds helpful :) Things are still very quiet in my area in terms of Corona. So much so that I almost completely forget about it. I hardly pay attention to it anymore, though I can't escape it when I have to get on the bus or go to the grocery store. My sister on the other hand is having serious anxieties over the v
  5. Thanks for the feedback I tweaked the track a little here and there, using some of your suggestions. Check updated version here: Hope I didn't mess it up I may still take you up on that offer to do something like a screen share. I often remark how I would like to have someone sit next to me and walk me through the process. Not sure when or how yet, but I'm keeping it in mind. Some of the points you raised are a matter of taste I guess. The chosen instruments may not be the greatest, but they gave me the sounds I was looking for To answer your question: I'm usin
  6. UPDATED VERSION Hello again I just finished another DKC remix, this time putting a spin on the factory stage music. A welcome break from trying to perfect my Aquatic Ambience mix (mixing = argh!) The overall composition is fairly conservative though I did add a few personal touches here and there to keep it interesting. I experimented with sounds and FX and did my best balancing the mix. I actually think this turned out really well, which makes it a positive experience for once. Every time I come back for a listen I just feel satisfied and there is nothing
  7. Okay, so I've been working on making those improvements but I have to say, the more I listen to it, the less I start to like it. There's actually a couple of other problems: The overall thing is a little too loud for my taste. This makes it very hard for certain things to get through. The kick/snare feels soulless. Even with the right EQ-ing and some compression it just feels "bah". Actually, I feel that way about all the different kits I have available. It just puts me off. The bass plucks are starting to annoy me, and I feel they have a rhythmic clash with the drumline. F
  8. I'm glad you enjoyed my subtle dark twist! I initially tried to just recreate the original with updated sounds, but then that chord happened and I was like: "Oooo, I like where this is going :D" I hadn't noticed! I'll have to look into that. Thanks for pointing it out! Thanks for your additional advice! I'll snoop around and see what I can do. I find the low end to be consistently troublesome in just about every project. I know this is a common thing, but I also suspect my hearing isn't all that great, giving additional difficulties fixing those issues. Gl
  9. Hey I'm having a similar situation with a new remix I posted. Upon further investigation it appears that seemingly random posts are targeted (presumably by some bot) and get a massively inflated view count that is not reflected by the number of plays on mp3 / video. I PM-ed the moderator and site administrator to inquire about it. As for your arrangement: I'm not too familiar with the source material but it is definitely worth the time to listen to it and I found the whole thing to be very enjoyable from beginning to end. I'm not using headphones right now so I can't tell if you're using
  10. Soooo... more than 1000 views within 18 hours, but only 10 plays (2 of which are probably mine). Is the Soundcloud player even showing up? Is the thing so horrible that people drop out within 30 seconds? What gives? I don't understand the Internet... Update: more than 5000 views and the play count hasn't changed between yesterday and today. I've PM'ed djpretzel and DarkeSword asking to investigate This better not be some bot artificially boosting the view count. Update 2: upon further investigation it turns out more people have had their post "viewed" thousands of times. Seemingly
  11. REQUEST: please listen to at least 30 seconds of the track to increase the play counter. This way I can tell someone has actually listened to it, rather than being left wondering why this post has so many views that doesn't result in more plays. I've been working on a new remix for some time and think its about ready for a first feedback round. I've created an alternative version of Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country) to go with the polluted version of the underwater stage. It includes bits from Kremlantis Submerged from Donkey Kong Land and I wrote an original ending to it. I wen
  12. :D Yes! Congratulations on getting it this far! Now I will forget about it, only to be pleasantly surprised again when the final announcement lands in my mailbox :D
  13. My country's government is allowing a little more activity outdoors, but there's still a lot of restrictions (some of which seem absolutely ridiculous!) Where are you at? Can you at least take walks around the block where you live? I want to encourage you to resist temptations to stay in bed all day. Doing that will likely lead to messing up your biological clock and/or depression. Try to get whatever excercise you can and find things to do to keep you motivated. Maybe start learning something new? I don't know your situation, but I hope there is more to do for you than just staying in be
  14. Yes, you can find it here: "To find work you love, don't follow your passions" - Benjamin Todd I just listened to it again. The comment about burning out is around 7:00 minutes. The context is a little different than I remembered, but there ya go.
  15. Welcome Starson! Finishing songs can be difficult, I know this too well. I'm sure you'll find some useful support here. Don't get discouraged if you don't get any responses to posted works right away. It can take a while and sometimes people don't know what to say. It helps to ask specific people for feedback. I'd say browse around on the feedback forum and see who you think has the insights you need.
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