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  1. Welcome to the forums Palas (and other recent joiners). I hope you'll find what you're looking for here. Looking forward to hearing your works.
  2. BloomingLate

    A Song About A Feather

    Haha, I'm guilty of a lot of vague and artsy-ness myself (well, maybe not so much with my music these days, but definitely with my old photography and poetry when I was younger...). It is interesting to think of our natural surroundings and to come up with music that supposedly reflects things, like a feather or breathing. What makes us associate certain sounds with objects anyway? Sometimes I get a piano sheet with some vague title like "Sand Castles" and I ask myself: "How on earth do I get a sand castle from that!?" (Or something about summer...or rain or whatever) :D Maybe I'll give that a try myself!
  3. BloomingLate

    A Song About A Feather

    I like it. It's kind of relaxing and a feather I guess What inspired you to write this?
  4. BloomingLate

    I want a Jet Force Gemini OST's orchestral performance to happen

    I also have fun childhood (er...teenhood?) memories playing this game and yes, the soundtrack was one of the things that made the game exceptionally memorable to me. SS Anubis and another track I can't remember the title of are ones I'm particularly fond of. Getting a real orchestra to play something like that sounds great, but I'm afraid Meteo Xavier is right to point out the obstacles to making that a reality. I know of at least one guy who did a cover of SS Anubis, using great samples, but I guess that's not quite what you were hoping for.
  5. Hello fellow music lovers, I recently uploaded a new recording of one of my first piano compositions that I'd like to share. I initially tried to write a "battle" theme for a Javascript browser game I was creating for myself. I felt like it didn't sound battle-y enough so I ended up counting it as a personal "single". The title was a play on the concept of random battles that keep happening to players in classic RPG's. Now it refers to the many battles I have had with my chronic fatigue. I recorded the song in parts to my digital piano and made it pass through GPO5's Stage Grand to make it sound much better. Granted, the performance could be better (I have a better and full recording where I was less trying to control everything, but I'll keep that for later when I do more harmonization). Speaking of harmonization: I have a couple of ideas, but for the most part it is tricky for me to include more notes, given the speed of the song and the shortness of most right hand notes. Would this call for an additional instrument maybe to do more harmony or maybe a counter melody/2nd voice? I guess I'd prefer to keep this a piano solo that I can actually play. Anyway, here is the piece:
  6. I know you guys don't appreciate midi, but I want to share this thing anyway! This isn't necessarily for constructive feedback. It's just something that I spontaneously created today. Some of you may be aware of the 21 days composition challenge hosted by Video Game Music Academy this month. I decided to participate, but not on a serious, competitive level. I'm just exploring what it is and using the Quest Logs to direct the creative process somewhat. Today I came up with a loopable track that's right out of the classic Game Boy era (without actually sounding like the GB mind you). I think it is somewhat inspired by Volley Fire and perhaps Power Rangers The Movie (both Game Boy games). I'm actually kind of happy with the result, even if it uses simple Musescore soundfonts. Its the process that counts for me right now. Anyway, here's the track. Maybe you'll find it catchy enough too (After the piano bit it will loop and repeat, just f.y.i)
  7. Aww, that website won't allow Europeans (or just Dutch people) ;_; Anyway, my piano does have a recording function that allows me to record to the device itself, which is pretty neat. I can also save recordings to SD card and put them on the computer. Or record directly to something like Audacity. I don't have the Producer Edition of FL, no (couldn't convince my wife that it would be worth it getting that version :P). I am planning on upgrading eventually. It just takes some time to save up money Then again, I don't expect to get other instruments than my digital piano, so hmm... The thing is that it is annoyingly difficult for me to learn a song well enough to make a decent live recording. The piano part in this mix is just beyond my current skill level to actually play. Either way, without the better FL version I won't be able to do much with recordings in the first place. Ooooh. Yeah, sorry, my bad. I thought you had moved on to a different point by then, but we were still talking about humanization. Okay, yes I actually do make longer patterns for exactly the reason you mentioned. But in this case I did do some copy pasting. Changing velocities is easy enough, but shifting the notes... I find it difficult to make it so that it doesn't sound like the "player" is continuously off beat and doesn't know what he's doing. Especially with the piano it can sound cringe-worthy. But like I said, I'll just need to practice that more. Hmm, come to think of it. When moving notes slightly across the grid, should you kind of go by groups of notes, rather than individual notes? If I move individual notes from a legato 3 note arpeggio I have to keep them together close enough, right? Thanks for that updated link I still can't believe how different that can sound with humanization! Correct, at least with most of the instruments in the libraries that I use. I haven't come across something that uses CC11 yet.
  8. Hey Timaeus, thanks so much for your time and very helpful advice! This is definitely something I can learn from. There's a few points I would like to interact with a little. This is something I've heard about a lot and I'd love to get better at making things sound more realistic. Ideally I would record myself playing the piano, but I don't have the recording function for FL studio, plus, I am not that skillful at performing yet. I'm using GPO5's piano patch. It sounds wonderful when I plug in my Casio Digital Piano and play "live", but not so much when you just input notes using the mouse. And I think that has to do with what you're describing: velocities and quantized rhythm. I did try to fix that a little by gently slowing down and speeding up the tempo, but I guess that's not enough. I'm definitely going to work on improving this, because I will be doing more piano stuff in the future (Lord willing). The humanized version of the song you shared is definitely much much better sounding. The link to Robotic Rhytm is actually the same as the Humanized one, so perhaps you can fix that so I can also compare Robotic Rhythm on its own? I think it makes sense. By copy/pasting you risk getting "hits" at points that may not work too well with what the other instruments are doing. So I have to keep listening to the whole before I determine when to sound the snare, rather than trust it will be alright if I just let the pattern repeat. This part was a little confusing. What did you mean by long patterns? Were you referring to the different "loops" of the main melody? The second part of that bullet point seems to be unrelated to that. Cinematic Strings does have a "Live Mode" where that randomness of real players is emaluate. That's something I'm trying to do, yes. Unfortunately my library that has the flute and oboe doesn't give me too much control over their dynamics, other than just lowering the main volume. The strings are better, but it is still tricky. I need more practice with that, and it would be nice to have an example of what a real sustained string sounds like. Frankly, the many switches that control volume can be confusing! CS2 has the modwheel (CC#1) control velocity for sustained notes. Then you have CC#7 to control the main volume (which would also impact non-sustained notes, which are controlled by the velocity parameter). I'll have to check if CC#11 is different and better to use than the other options. Yes I did Come to think of it, that wouldn't make sense to do if it was a live performance. I'd have to use velocities instead, as you say. That's about it Thanks again for your time and effort! I'll probably come back to this project to improve it. And if not, I'll keep your suggestions in mind for the next one!
  9. BloomingLate

    Arcadia Legends - History

    Exciting stuff . Congrats to everyone involved for making it this far. I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys came up with. Especially the battle themes
  10. BloomingLate

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    I'm more or less in the same camp as Jorito. I do remixes mainly because they provide learning opportunities and make for very concrete projects. I love to give my favorite tracks from the olden days a sound update so I can enjoy listening to them even more. I always want to add a bit of a personal touch to remixes so they kind of feel like my own. For the moment I am also my own primary audience, but seeing how many other people love video-game music I figured I could just as well share my productions with them. I'm not in the pursuit of a career in music. I think the opening post did provide some good food for thought. Do I just want fanboys to drool over my remixes and disregard me and my original music? Am I just there to feed their nostalgia? Are the people who grew up with the same games and soundtracks that I grew up with still out there, looking for related remixes? Or are we dealing with a new, much younger audience who's first shot at a Final Fantasy game was FF13? How remixable are modern soundtracks anyway, what with them being already possibly fully orchestrated? In other words: is remixing worth your time and effort in the grand scheme of things? I suppose remixing could be someone's main selling point, but if you also want to be known for your original stuff, that's going to be tricky. When I was still on deviantArt I really wanted people to see and appreciate my original drawings and digital works. Problem was, I had built my audience around nature photography, so no one really cared about the things I really cared about... I think you'll find yourself in a similar situation when you do remixing and original works. PS: I also wrote a massive rant about the problem with consumerist audience, the distance there always is between composer and audience, the question of why you do the things you do to begin with and about TV talent shows and how we're all looking for that ego boost which basically looks like this: “Nice work!” , “Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. (feels loved)”. I was going to post the rant, but on second thought, I better not right now. :D *uses the Force to hit the Submit button*
  11. Thanks for your detailed explanation. I'm not much of a social media person myself (at all) so I guess that explains why I'm missing a lot of what's going on. I'm starting to see that having more personal connections is probably more valuable than shooting for input from random passers-by. The reason for my being here is mostly because I've finally got up to a point that I feel somewhat confident enough to put my music out there for other people to hear and critique. That was a big hurdle to overcome in the first place. I haven't really thought about how I should go about connecting to the broader community. You're right about how I should be commenting on people's wips myself That's a good place to start. Kudos to you both (and others) who have stuck around all that time despite changes in how people interact with the site. I always felt OCremix had a bit of a professional flavor. I would hate to see it go down. Seeing how there is still a regular output of new mixes and albums I guess I don't have to worry about that yet. Thanks for your additional comments Gario. No need to apologize though I realize you're all doing this on a voluntary basis (right?) and we all have other things that rightfully demand our attention. I was just curious to learn a bit more about how things are run here, which helps with expectations. Like I said above, I always felt like this place had a professional vibe to it and got the impression that it was full of activity. I was a little confused and mildly shocked to find that it got so quiet around here. Especially with "recent" forum posts dating back to 2009 or 2011. That's why I was wondering if something bad had happened. Something that was best to be discussed in PM, rather than in public. I guess my questions were partially triggered by reading the post about the significance of forum feedback in improvement. So I don't know if this discussion belongs to that, or something else. I'm satisfied with the answers I got, but perhaps if you feel like it is worth exploring more then yeah, we can ask a mod to work some magic on it (Sorry for the double post. The previous one wouldn't let me write more :P)
  12. *bump* It is about to fall off the first page of the forum and I'm still eagerly awaiting review. :) Just for my information: how active are the judges/mods these days? I can't shake the feeling that OCR is not the place it used to be, say 10 years ago. Did something happen besides people just moving on to other things? (feel free to PM me on that, rather than comment here).
  13. It definitely has an interesting, strangely beautiful and relaxing vibe to it. Nice, original take on the source. I would love to see this on ocremix and making its way to my mp3 player :)
  14. After many (sometimes frustrating) hours of work I have finally managed to complete this remix. I turned the second BGM from the classic Game Boy game 'Tennis' into an orchestral piece. This time I worked with FL Studio 20 and more professional sound libraries such as Cinematic Strings 2 and Garritan Personal Orchestra 5. I first expected to just copy/paste the notes from my MuseScore version, but quickly found that working with better packages was very inspirational. As a result I managed to create a much more interesting and vibrant composition than I could not have pulled off with MS. I made some important changes compared to the first version: Added a pizzicato intro that is supposed to suggest a tennis match with 2 points scored before a ace is landed. This is a reference to a feature in the game where the computer will often use a nearly unstoppable move (ace in tennis terms) that got me so angry as a kid playing this game. The title reflects this also: 'Ace on Me'. I replaced the vibraphone and harp with the piano, which just sounds much better. I added more voices and used different play styles for the strings sections. Thanks to this discussion I was able to overcome some problems with getting the volume right. I did my best to make the mix work well, but still need more practice with the mixer, EQ and all that stuff. I am open to your feedback, but also a bit reluctant to touch this project more. I would very much like to submit it to ocremix, so I guess if it is not up to standards yet, I may have to dive back into it. Alright, enough talk. To the mix: Original track: Previous version:
  15. BloomingLate

    Volume Volume Volume - relative and absolute

    Alrighty, thanks for the additional comments, both of you. That helped in clearing some of the confusion. Random fact: I found out through that tone generator that and the use of some sub-bass that these low tones are generally what cause my ears to plug up u_u; I could hear up to 15.000 but sometimes I needed to turn my head to actually pick up the sound. Sometimes I worry that I destroyed my hearing by not heeding my grandmother's warning about listening to loud music on headphones