[Pokemon G/S/C] Route 29 3-Voice Piano Fugue

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Hey Remixers!

Long time listener, first time caller. I'm a classical pianist by training and decided to arrange a fugue for piano based on the theme from Route 29.

For those who aren't familiar, a fugue has a couple of rules:

  1. The fugue subject must be the first thing you hear in the piece: the subject here is the Route 29 theme and appears and reappears in many voices throughout the movement.
  2. Voices must enter one at a time, each with the subject. This is a three-voice fugue, so there are three distinct lines, no more.
  3. The second entrance of the subject must be in the dominant. The third entrance is back in the tonicIf there are additional voices, continue to alternate.
  4. These elements make up the exposition, or start, of the fugue.
  5. After the exposition, rules break down a bit, but common features include development (a repeated musical or rhythmic pattern which often modulates to a new key), a pedal point in the bass leading up to the climax, as well as a pedal point at the end of the piece. Everything else is free game!

Here's a shitty MIDI export of my arrangement—please ignore the recording quality! I'm looking for feedback on the composition itself. I want the writing to be solid before I practice up the real deal ;)

Even if you don't have a classical background, I'd love to hear thoughts:

  • Are there any parts that delighted or surprised you? Where and why?
  • Does anything feel "off"? Tempo, key changes, rhythm, overall structure...
  • The fugue is quite short. Are there any sections you'd like to see expanded or revisited?
  • Are there any other Pokemon themes you imagine that could be quoted within this fugue?
  • Anything other thoughts?

Thanks so much!

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