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Bloody Tears for a Dancing Monster


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Link to The Trackhttps://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/818804
Source: Bloody Tears [Castlevania I],  Monster Dance [Castlevania II], Bloody Tears / Monster Dance [Smash Bros. Ultimate]

Description: Managed to make this before the Smash Bros. direct, I hope I don't end looking like a fool hahahaha Anyways, I liked how this arrangement ended, so I figured out it would be a good thing to get a review and try to get it into OCRemix, I hope you like it!

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Hey man :D I really like the arrangement for the most part, but I think dropping it down to just the piano at 0:38 breaks the flow in such a short track.  I think keeping the energy a bit more during that section would help the track's progression a lot, and transitioning to Monster Dance right out of Bloody Tears' arpeggiated intro section is a strong structural choice.

I also think the piano isn't carrying the track as a lead instrument.  It sounds pretty dry and fake, and it's mixed pretty far into the background.

The drums also hit me as too loud and compressed.  The cymbals are pumping on a lot of their impacts and they get pretty sizzly at times - heavy compression can be pretty unflattering to cymbal hits.  I really like the timbre of the snare and kick though (with maybe a tad more low end on the latter) and the funky writing works great, I'd just pull the drums down a bit as a whole.

No qualms with the guitar/bass - once the rest of the balance is touched up and the weak lead instrument addressed, I think this'll be a sweet track.

Hope that's helpful!

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