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  1. Super down for this <3 SoE had always a special part on my heart! I would like to claim either Ebon Keep - Town or if possible, add the dark castle theme to the list of tracks ( )
  2. Title: Not decided yet Source Game: Aquatic Ambience - Donkey Kong Country Link to the Track: https://clyp.it/zoeithy5 Comments: I have been practicing a lot since I got an EWI. This track is just an amalgamation of all that training into a single piece, with all of the new things I have learnt by playing with it (I can't belieive I didn't get a breath controller til now hahaha). Influenced by Coltrane at moments, I hope you like it!
  3. Iron Blue Intention or Divine Bloodlines are both 2 personal favourites of mine, I could do either! @MindWanderer
  4. Damn i forgot to reply here @MindWanderer, I would like to tackle An Empty Tome if still possible.
  5. Link to The Track: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/818804 Source: Bloody Tears [Castlevania I], Monster Dance [Castlevania II], Bloody Tears / Monster Dance [Smash Bros. Ultimate] Description: Managed to make this before the Smash Bros. direct, I hope I don't end looking like a fool hahahaha Anyways, I liked how this arrangement ended, so I figured out it would be a good thing to get a review and try to get it into OCRemix, I hope you like it!
  6. Did you listen to the old version or the clyp version? I added a lot of vibrato and pitch bend to the sustains, specially in the solo section, pretty sure I didnt left any sustained note without vibrato or a pitch bend
  7. Played around the drums setting, tuned the saturation a bit down and worked on the dynamics of everything, while adressing most of the problems you pointed out. I might rework the ending part a bit, but here is the new version: https://clyp.it/nlwjlbui EDIT: This might also sound WAY, WAY different to youtube, since Youtube usually compress the fuck out of the music while also applying a gain reduction of around 5db
  8. I have been playing with the mix the past day. While I agree with the drums being the samey through the song, I actually dont know what to do to 'differentiate them, do you think just a tad of variation here and there (Like adding an extra kick, removing a snare, chaning the transition bit etc) would work or are you thinking about a bigger overhaul to them? I kinda like the way they carry the rhytm through right now. About the drum kit's compression, is there anything specific that's throwing you off? I tried backing off my current processing chain, and while they sound less compressed they also become kinda dull (Instead of using some kind of sidechaining to make the kick punch through, I use a heavier compression instead for example). Any pointer regarding this would be amazing. About the rhytm guitars, I kinda agree with what you say, they are a bit thin and I will try to handle this. The main thing is, they are not the ones driving the bass rhytm of the song, so they are basically high passed at around 100hz, adding a bass note to them just muddies the mix a lot and doesnt make them punch through. I messed around with the amps settings tho and now they sound much stronger, will post an update asap. Also, yeah, good idea!! I will add some stuff at 2:40, also fixed the pinch squeal sound at 1:03 and in the ending. Thanks for the feedback! '
  9. Title: Placeholder Source: Donkey Kong Country 1 - Life in the Mines Link to the Track (NEW VERSION): https://clyp.it/nlwjlbui Link to the Track (First WIP): Description: I haven't submitted anything on OCR in a while, but this track made me feel I should do it. A reimagination of the original in a rock/metal style. I hope you like it! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. EDIT BY TAUCER: here's the source:
  10. Hey Phonetic, Just sent you a PM!! Please check it out, thanks ;3

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