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  1. Haha oopsies, I missed it, the Castle theme then!
  2. Super down for this <3 SoE had always a special part on my heart! I would like to claim either Ebon Keep - Town or if possible, add the dark castle theme to the list of tracks ( )
  3. Title: Not decided yet Source Game: Aquatic Ambience - Donkey Kong Country Link to the Track: https://clyp.it/zoeithy5 Comments: I have been practicing a lot since I got an EWI. This track is just an amalgamation of all that training into a single piece, with all of the new things I have learnt by playing with it (I can't belieive I didn't get a breath controller til now hahaha). Influenced by Coltrane at moments, I hope you like it!
  4. Iron Blue Intention or Divine Bloodlines are both 2 personal favourites of mine, I could do either! @MindWanderer
  5. Damn i forgot to reply here @MindWanderer, I would like to tackle An Empty Tome if still possible.
  6. Link to The Track: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/818804 Source: Bloody Tears [Castlevania I], Monster Dance [Castlevania II], Bloody Tears / Monster Dance [Smash Bros. Ultimate] Description: Managed to make this before the Smash Bros. direct, I hope I don't end looking like a fool hahahaha Anyways, I liked how this arrangement ended, so I figured out it would be a good thing to get a review and try to get it into OCRemix, I hope you like it!
  7. Did you listen to the old version or the clyp version? I added a lot of vibrato and pitch bend to the sustains, specially in the solo section, pretty sure I didnt left any sustained note without vibrato or a pitch bend
  8. Played around the drums setting, tuned the saturation a bit down and worked on the dynamics of everything, while adressing most of the problems you pointed out. I might rework the ending part a bit, but here is the new version: https://clyp.it/nlwjlbui EDIT: This might also sound WAY, WAY different to youtube, since Youtube usually compress the fuck out of the music while also applying a gain reduction of around 5db
  9. I have been playing with the mix the past day. While I agree with the drums being the samey through the song, I actually dont know what to do to 'differentiate them, do you think just a tad of variation here and there (Like adding an extra kick, removing a snare, chaning the transition bit etc) would work or are you thinking about a bigger overhaul to them? I kinda like the way they carry the rhytm through right now. About the drum kit's compression, is there anything specific that's throwing you off? I tried backing off my current processing chain, and while they sound less compressed th
  10. Title: Placeholder Source: Donkey Kong Country 1 - Life in the Mines Link to the Track (NEW VERSION): https://clyp.it/nlwjlbui Link to the Track (First WIP): Description: I haven't submitted anything on OCR in a while, but this track made me feel I should do it. A reimagination of the original in a rock/metal style. I hope you like it! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. EDIT BY TAUCER: here's the source:
  11. Hey Phonetic, Just sent you a PM!! Please check it out, thanks ;3

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