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Meteo Xavier

New Punch-Out Type Game: Creepy Brawlers

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I was going to post on this a while ago but I got sidetracked by work and a lack of sleep, so I'll do it now before I forget:

This is an awesome looking new game for the NES that's basically a horror version of Punch-Out!! It's not a rom hack (I'm pretty sure it's not at least), it's just built to really look and act like Punch-Out!! but with the horror gimmick to it. There's only 11 fighters, according to a review of it, but it doesn't progress the same way Punch-Out!! does. It looks like you get to choose your fighters similar to Mega Man and they all have several different fighting scripts each to flesh out the experience in a different way.

I'm not involved with the development of this game in any way, I just thought it's one of the most interesting homebrew games I've seen in a while and wanted to share it. :D

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