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Emperor Exor

Ecco The Dolphin -- Pteranodon Pond (Sega CD)

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Also known as "The Machine" on the Ecco: Songs of Time CD. A criminally underrated track that oozes melodrama and solemnity, it appeared quite frequently throughout the original Sega CD version of Ecco the Dolphin, with a shorter arrangement appearing at the beginning of the game titled "After the Storm." That particular version seems to be the one inspiring the most covers and remixes, which is sort of bemusing. This piece has a very prominent ostinato of notes descending the minor scale, which seems to be a musical "trope" that's used in other pieces such as "Destinations Unknown" from the Terminator Sega CD game, and "Death Egg Mk. II" from Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II

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