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I need voice Actors for an FF XV English Audiodrama series: shattered dreams

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Vol 1 recruiting(unpaid as of right now)

FINAL FANTASY 15 Shattered Dreams Audiobook Vol. 1: Fractured(I need understudy people as well as main actors)

A Fan Fiction for Final Fantasy 15. Written by Quantum Leek(Fanfiction.net; AO3).

This is the story of a family torn asunder by the death of a father, and everything that came before. Featuring dad!Regis and a twin sister for Noctis.

This fic is two stories twisted together: one follows the game's timeline and tells the story of a prince and princess coming to terms with death and destiny, while the other is the story of their lives before and everything that leads up to the beginning of the game. 

if you get ANY Role I'll PM you My discord server


For VAs

if you get a role be serious about it don't give me excuses like "I was too tired" if you don't want to do it don't audition. I will have understudy people for real emergencies though.

Put your heart into it. I don't care if you ham it up. just act/emote.

have at least a halfway decent recording set up; I don't want the background noise of crying babies, airplanes, cars etc. in your recording 

for all:

have fun

Audition info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_HG1JFTt1gtkt01YymvTxcWSA9H72HFVSwBAEqiJREg/edit?usp=sharing

I need at least 2 more female & 5 male voices: Camelia Claustra
5-10 people to be extras for certain situations(Regis' Council, angry mob etc.) I would also like these: ignis' uncle, clarus amicitia (another)Gladio Prompto regis emperor aldercapt ignis drautos Cor weskham Iris

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