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Meteo Xavier

SampleTank 4

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I guess this was a surprise.

There's going to be 3 different variations of it, with emphasis again going to make it an all-around virtual rompler as its always been. It's got a sizable pre-order deal going on right now for all three sizes where you can get it for as little as $100-$300, marked down from $200-$500. Piano and underscore-type music demos sound pretty good for an all-in-the-box type focus as the sound demos go.

Could be a worthy thing for some of you to have.

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Yeah I did a double take when I saw the thread title; mostly because IK sat on SampleTank 2.X FOREVER.

Like, longer than Microsoft sat on Internet Explorer 6.X.

There was ST 2, 2.1, 2.3 (IIRC), then 2.5.... then 3 *finally* came out and, well, it really wasn't all that different, in terms of the sound.

To jump to 4.X so soon, and without a MAJOR new distinguishing feature, I don't know... not getting warm fuzzies in terms of improvements over 3.X, at least.

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