1. recruiting [paid] or free - Looking for composer for Castlevania-like Game

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I'm looking for a composer for my Metroidvania game, The Diasporic Crypt. The game is more or less nearing completion, and is just missing a few minor things here and there, but lacking in music/SFXes that I want to keep in the game. You can find the page here:

I don't yet have a list of tracks I'd like to have composed, but I will create one eventually. There are some special requirements for certain tracks I do have in mind though. Feel free to ask me about them; they're kind of specific. But I would like something similar to the music in Castlevania (not the Lord of Shadow games though); so somewhat classical-baroqueish, with some pipe organ thrown in, and maybe metal-ish for boss fights. I'm NOT looking for ambient music; I want something with a melody.

My game is licensed under GPL3, so whatever you compose must be in a GPL compatible format like CC-BY-SA 4.0 or similar.

I am willing to pay, but within reason.

If you are interested, please provide the following, either here, PMs or in Discord:

  • Relevant samples of your work. If you have a wide variety of genres, please ensure to include something relevant for my game; I can't tell from your techno/dance work if what you'll make is suitable for my game.
  • How you want to be paid, and how much. Or free, if you are not demanding payment.

For all other details, feel free to ask on Discord or here. Thanks.

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Hi, are you still looking for music for your game? I've composed a few Castlevania-like songs, so if you need some, I'll be glad to help. you can respond here or to my email:

Also, do you have a list of tracks you would like to be composed yet? I want to know because I feel that it will determine how much I want to be paid. 

here is a sample of what i have made

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