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Hey all!!

I’ve been following OCR for a long time and gotten a lot of my musical inspiration from listening to community albums, mostly in the Sonic series. So I figured I would post one of my recent mixes here!

This is partly a self-advertisement, so feel free to remove this post if that’s against a rule, but I’m mostly just looking for feedback on production. I have a lot to learn when it comes to mixing, and I really want to get better so I can create clearer and more cohesive masters. All tips are appreciated!!

But here’s my take on “Rude Buster” from DeltaRune. And if you enjoy it feel free to like/subscribe to my YouTube channel!! I’m working hard on the next remix, and if you like Undertale I think you’re gonna enjoy this one. :) 



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I'm not entirely sure on the precedent for giving feedback on a mix that is tagged as 'submitted'. Has this track already been submitted to the judge's panel?

In any case, I really really really like this track. I think it really (yes, that is 4 really's) deserves the extra time and polishing to make it sound the way it was meant to sound.




Totally digging this track, I've gotta say. Excellent rearrangement. Funky, groovy, it really resonates with me. I really like the choice of instruments and chords so forth. It's one of those tracks I just want to put on repeat and dance to. Excellent work! The arrangement is fantastic. I don't have any critique to give there right now. I'd say leave it as is. That is, aside from the beginning and the ending!

0:00 - 0:12 - I don't like this. Try something different. I think it would be cool to do move what you did at 3:06-3:17 (the nice bell sounds and the soft bass guitar groove) to 0:00, then surprise us with that slap bass (what you currently have at 0:12) and then we are good to go.

4:32 - 4:50 - We can't get left off the hook like that, lol. This is GROOVY stuff. Let the groove run some more. Slowly strip down the mix. Make us want to 'pump up the volume'. Let the instruments do their bows out, and leave us wanting them to all come back again.




Yes, mixing could use some polishing. There's nothing obviously out of place, though. It's just not cohesive and clean. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's kind of like the instruments are scattered across stage and they are playing at a venue with bad acoustics. Mal-compression maybe. Mal-reverb maybe? I don't know.

Do some creative panning with the piano mixing. Like a little stereo delay or random panning to bounce it back between both sides with each hit. That would sound cool. Just make sure to keep it tight and clean, don't add more reverb is my suggestion.

I'd like to hear more punch out of the kicks. Maybe tighten up the snare a little. Bring out the trebles on the hats. Widen the stereo field. The drum kit might need to be replaced (not the notes, just the sounds). It is probably the main culprit in the mix. This is a groovy track and it needs some more compelling drum sounds / mixing in my opinion.

I think the other instruments are great overall. I like the sounds. They are very fitting on their own, it's just the way they are mixed together that could use some improvement I think. For example, those really neat synth solos sound like they are playing from the back of the stage behind a curtain. Bring them up out front. (esp. circa 4:17), more stereo effects might help.

Overall, the mix seems to be missing its low end and its dynamics and clarity. Kind of sounds like it being played out of a cheap woofer without clarity and without those funky dynamics. Or like I'm listening to the concert from a distance. Maybe check out this ReMix for reference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VROS8tCpgFM). Certainly not my area of expertise. Hopefully someone else will chime in in that regard.

I really really really like this arrangement, though. Fantastic work. I have already listened to it multiple times. One of my favorites. I really (yes, 4 really's again) would like to see an update.

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15 hours ago, SubNormal J3 said:

I'm not entirely sure on the precedent for giving feedback on a mix that is tagged as 'submitted'. Has this track already been submitted to the judge's panel?

In any case, I really really really like this track. I think it really (yes, that is 4 really's) deserves the extra time and polishing to make it sound the way it was meant to sound.


Wow, thanks for the feedback! I very much appreciate the compliment and even moreso the valid criticisms. I submitted it a little while ago, although it hasn't made it to the judge's panel yet (anybody know how long this usually takes?), but I mostly just posted here to get immediate feedback from more experienced folks, so the above feedback is absolutely perfect.


I agree the production as a whole feels quite flat, it feels like it lacks the space that a good mix (like the Joshua Morse example) should have, almost exactly like it's playing through a defective woofer in someone's 2003 Honda Civic. I think I went pretty heavy on the reverb and drum compression, but maybe it could use a little more master compression or just a tiny bit morecompression on the piano/bass/pads to tighten things up? I think my best guess is I overdid it on the EQ as well. As you said, it lacks bass and clarity, which might be because I went a bit to heavy on cutting the low end of the master, and probably cut too many high-mids during individual mixdown :/ If anybody else has a more accurate theory please chime in, but for more recent mixes I've been trying to be more careful about master FX. I mix with a garbage pair of headphones and then have to check the bass on my car stereo to get an accurate sound, so using slightly better headphones might help me hear the low end better. More stereo staging is a great idea as well, I'll definitely make an effort to be more aware of that in the future. I think the clarity issue might be addressed if I utilize the low and high ends more during EQ, rather than condensing everything into the mid-range where it ends up sounding cluttered and flat. I think my individual track EQ has too many cuts toward the lows and high mids, mostly because I want to make room for the bass and leads, but it's easy to see how it ends up being overdone. 

I probably won't be able to do an edit at this point, partly bc it's already submitted, and also bc I have a personal policy of not going back to old tracks (I get sidetracked and spend WAY too much time being a perfectionist):( But thank you for all the Really's (I counted 8 in total!) and I'm glad you liked it, I'm gonna work on those criticisms for the next mix

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