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  1. Full answer: The chord (as part of the entire song struture) is a VI maj, so in the key of the song (C# minor) that would be A major. As other have said, there is some half step dissonance, although the dissonance isn't a half step above or below the root of the chord, but rather it's below the third of the chord. The actual pitches she sings are A, B# (C), and C#. The A is the root of the A major, whereas the C# is the third. The B# (C) is just an added dissonance; if you wanna put a name to it, technically the voicing she's singing creates an Amaj (#9) or Amaj (+b3) chord, but thos
  2. Wow, thanks for the feedback! I very much appreciate the compliment and even moreso the valid criticisms. I submitted it a little while ago, although it hasn't made it to the judge's panel yet (anybody know how long this usually takes?), but I mostly just posted here to get immediate feedback from more experienced folks, so the above feedback is absolutely perfect. I agree the production as a whole feels quite flat, it feels like it lacks the space that a good mix (like the Joshua Morse example) should have, almost exactly like it's playing through a defective woofer in someone's 2
  3. Hey all!! I’ve been following OCR for a long time and gotten a lot of my musical inspiration from listening to community albums, mostly in the Sonic series. So I figured I would post one of my recent mixes here! This is partly a self-advertisement, so feel free to remove this post if that’s against a rule, but I’m mostly just looking for feedback on production. I have a lot to learn when it comes to mixing, and I really want to get better so I can create clearer and more cohesive masters. All tips are appreciated!! But here’s my take on “Rude Buster” from DeltaRune. And if you e
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