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The Sage Who Would Be King For Piano Duet

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Some key things that need attention:

0:00 - 2:00;  The piano is very dry and lacking humanization here, particularly when the staccato starts around 0:23. I can sort of get what sound you were going for here, but when a pianist plays the keys in such a heavy handed way there are still some notable differences between each note. I'd suggest making use of the pedal here(and in slower sections in general) along with a softer velocity to help with the transition into the staccato portion of this section.

2:00 - 4:00; There's a notable shift in the tone of the piano starting here, which makes the transition a bit jarring to my ears. It also feels like way to much pedal throughout this part - the reverb is causing the notes to bleed in an unpleasant way. Around 2:08 you've got some major clipping going on

4:00 - 5:00; Much like the previous section, the pedal needs to be toned waaay back. Not only are the notes bleeding as before, but it's really muddying up the sound in this section, perhaps because of the high velocity of the notes.

5:00+; That F-G-G#-A# progression sticks out a bit, due to the same humanization/velocity issues. 5:44 starts to sound pretty good, but the abrupt silence right before-hand is really out of place. Around 6:10 those machine-gun notes need a lot of work - both in terms of humanization and arrangement, as notes of that speed would be a bit of a challenge to play, especially in the context of this arrangement. Take a look at video, this video and watch how the pianist plays(particularly around the 0:15 mark) when repeating the same note. This video also does a great job explaining the specific techniques used in such a piece. At 6:22 it abruptly cuts off again.


Overall it still needs a ton of work. Note velocity, pedal usage and humanization in general are extremely important areas in a piano arrangement. The arrangement itself is a promising concept, but the execution needs a lot of work.

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